Sunday Wrap up and Monday’s WOD

January 24, 2010

Hello All-

Sunday’s team games day was notable for a few reasons. Foremeost among them, thanks to Jason’s advanced engineering ingenuity, our ropes are up! Those among you who tried them will confirm that five ascents of twelve feet or so is no easy task. Look for them in the near future as weather permits. Surprising hard work was the team tire drag. Despite four people to a team, up and back the length of the parking lot was a brutal endeavor. That will return, with chains or cables replacing the ropes. Sundays are pretty fun, I encourage you all to come when you can.

Monday–All shoulders, all the time.

3×5 Shoulder Presses
3×5 Push Presses
3×5 Push Jerks
5 Handstand Holds (or Handstand pushups if you have them).

Handstands are scalable, so if you’re new, dont shy away from trying them.




  1. i’ll be there monday at 830

  2. I’ll be there at noon.

  3. se you at 7:30

  4. see you at 11

  5. shoulder press 155
    push press 200
    push jerk 135-just couldnt get the movement down

  6. SP 65
    PP 75
    PJ 85

  7. sp – 55
    pp – 70
    pj – 95

  8. I think it was
    sp- 55
    pj- 70

    … and some day I’ll have rockin’ shoulders!

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