WOD for Wednesday 1-27-2010 and looking ahead to Saturday

January 27, 2010

For Time
100 Mountain climbers
50 Box Jumps/Tire Jumps
25 Burpees
25 Pullups
25 Reverse Wallballs

730 and 830 will be in the squash court, but 11, 12 and likely 530 will be at the tower. It will probably be brisk, so dress accordingly.

On saturday, we had discussed doing MURPH (run 1 mile, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, run 1 mile) at UNCW, but we are going to postpone.  Instead, I encourage anyone who’s interested to join me at  CrossFit Wilmington.  They are holding a fundraiser for the families of a local LE Officer and a CrossFit affiliate owner in Fayetteville, both of whom recently died under unusual circumstances. John Velandra of Cape Fear CrossFit in Fayetteville, I had met once or twice at CrossFit events, was killed by the driver of a stolen car as he attempted to evade police.

Anyway, from 10-2 there are different events, at 12:30 food is served. There are event prizes and a raffle. You are welcome to come and workout , eat or just mill around and see a different CrossFit gym. Unlike Tower CrossFit, CFW is exclusively a CrossFit facility and it is tricked out in some very cool ways. Link below:


The specifics of  when the respective workouts/contests kick off has yet to be determined, but I’ll post when I know.  CrossFit Wilmington has some very good athletes, but that need not discourage you from jumping in.  In fact, in the true spirit of CrossFit, seeing WOD’s performed at a high level should INSPIRE your own training efforts, never intimidate you from taking a challenge.



  1. 8:30.

  2. Looking like 7:30 for me…

    What a great event for a sad cause…wish I could partake but will be at the WAC for launch and then a meeting…

  3. i’ll be there at 830.

  4. 11:07

  5. Hey Brock, I apparently can’t subtract, my time today was 9:54,not 10. I know time isn’t that important for today, but thought I would let you know! Thanks

  6. 7:01

  7. 15:10

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