WOD for FRIDAY 1-29-2010 Athlete’s Choice Day!

January 28, 2010

A Two-Part WOD
First: Your choice  FOR TIME 1)Burn your bodyweight in calories on the ARC trainer or 2) 1/2 Your bodyweight in calories on the Treadmills. For example, I weigh 183. I need to burn 183 calories on the ARC trainer or 92 calories on the treadmill.

10 rounds of the following FOR TIME

10 Double unders, 5 Heavy deadlifts


5 Burpees, 5 Heavy Deadlifts

Deadlift weights SHOULD be 225/185/135 Guys or 185/135/95 Women.  Lighter if you are concerned about deadlift safety.  On that note: as with everything, the path to  injury is 1)Do it wrong and 2) Add a bunch of weight.  So if you have concerns about doing it (deadlifts) right, first, ask  your instructor to address your form. If you are still wary, go lighter.  No one will laugh at you.  Deadlifts are more complex than they might first appear, but don’t give up on them;  they are a useful tool that you will see often in programming.

Recovery between parts 1 and 2 is up to you.  Let’s meet in the lobby.



  1. I’m very tempted…but tomorrow I have to run. I’ll see you on Monday (maybe Saturday, but most likely on Monday)

  2. Kathleen, you might consider doing the first part on the ARC trainer before you destroy your joints further, I mean, run. It’s a benchmark figure (time to bodyweight calories) we will return to every now and then. It shouldnt impact your running and I would suspect will take you about 10 minutes. Even on your own time would be fine. No pressure…

  3. See you at 11am. Today was a much needed day off.

  4. I’m going to try to get to the 530pm session.

  5. I’m undecided, but it’ll either be 8:30 or 11 for me. And I’m pretty sure April will be with me either way.

  6. I hope to either be there at 11 or at 530 depending on how long my morning appts take. 🙂 Sounds like fun

  7. 12:23 with 135 lbs. and double unders

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