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WOD for Saturday 5-1-10/11:30am. Muscle Ups and team competitions.

April 30, 2010

The first half will be devoted to muscle-up instruction.  While this is a demanding move as prescribed, that doesnt mean you shouldnt come out and try it.  There are progressions below a full muscle-up that are worth your time.

Second half will be a team competition.  Count on pullups, burpees, something with the med balls and some running as well.  Details TBD.

Muscle up video here:  (page down some)


WOD For Friday 4-30-10 Poolside running.

April 29, 2010

Starting with 10 meters, every minute, on the minute run 10 more meters than the last time until you miss the minute cutoff.’  Otherwise known as “DEATH by 10 meters”. We’ll do this poolside, so we’ll have frequent 180 degree turns, just to make it harder.


WOD For Thursday 4-29-10

April 28, 2010

Thursday, another good couplet from Jason.  I have done this once prior and got 16 rounds but that might have been for 10 minutes?  I dont remember.  Another example of why logging your scores is important.

We’ll review the Sumo Deadlift High Pull, warmup and go.

Newer People:  The acronym AMRAP is “As many rounds as possible” in XXX minutes.  So tomorrow, we will be doing these two exercises back to back for exactly 15 minutes and recording or “scoring” the number of times you complete the cycle.


This is one of my favorite WODS. 7 and 7 is the key to this one therefore the name!

7 SDHP (Girls – 65/45,  Guys 95/75)
7 Pushups

AMRAP in 15 minutes.


WOD for Wednesday 4-28-10

April 27, 2010

25 repetitions each exercise.  For those that are willing, we challenge you to complete 2 rounds!
Complete your exercises in any order you choose.  All repetitions must be finished before moving to the next exercise.  There will be a 40 minute cap!  Scale as needed.

Wall Balls
Knees to Elbows
Lunges (Girls – 25# plate / Guys 45# plate)
Tire Jumps (Girls – tire / Guys tire + pallet)
Slam Balls (Girls – 14# / Guys – 20#) Must get full extension Overhead
Thrusters (Girls – 25# plate / Guys 45# plate)
Double Unders

Please use the white boards to keep track of completed exercises so we do not have any accidental cheaters.


WOD for Tuesday 4-27-2010

April 26, 2010

5 Rounds for time

Swim 1 lap

10 KB Swings Right Hand

10 Kb Swings Left Hand

Rx’d is KB to shoulder height, Guys 51/ Girls 32;  But… we can scale these with weight reductions so NOBODY say anything resembling “I cant do this”.

Towels to dry your hands would be smart.


This week, “on a very special CrossFit”…

April 25, 2010

…Jason does your programming!  I’ll still be typing them in and I should be able to answer any questions about them, but this week’s workouts all come from the devious mind of our very own Jason Albertson.  And yes, if your wondering, Lala gets her turn in the near future.

WOD for MONDAY  4-26-10

Max Height Box Jump and Paralette Holds

Today we will stack up as many tires, pallets, and rubber bumpers as it takes for you to see what your true maximum jumping ability is.  As many attempts as you would like in the hour.

Secondly, we will be doing three Paralette L-sit holds for time.  Your score is total of all three attempts. You can rest as needed to complete the three holds within the hour.


Cindy Winners are….

April 25, 2010

Men: Jeff James @ 21 rounds + pullups + 5 pushups

Women:  Lala Ohnmacht @ 15 + pullups + 5 pushups

Every rep was observed and verified and every fault called such, so congrats to the winners on their legitimatescore.  As always, you need not wait for a specific day to challenge these numbers.  If you wake up feeling ready to take on CINDY (or HELEN or FRAN etc) and can schedule with Jason, Lala or myself, then fire away and get some.