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WOD for Tuesday 6-1-10 and Payment Changes

May 31, 2010

Briefly, just about payment.  Please pay your June dues circa June 1.  We will prorate your days shy of 30, and that will be your June fee.  Example, at 75$ in a 30 day month equals $2:50/day.  If your month rolls due on the 11th (based on your original contract) 11×2.5 = 27.50 subtracted from 75 = 47.50 for June.  This is the only month we should have need of doing all this.  Thanks for your assistance.  Oh, and one more thing, Please DONT PAY THE FRONT DESK.

OK- based on Saturday’s GRACE we, as a group, are not short on heart but DO need some technique work going overhead. Certainly that’s better than the other way around.  Therefore the wod is

15 minutes:  Push jerk review. Then:

Max rounds in 15 minutes of

5 Strict  push jerks (95/75 Guys.  65/45 Girls), NOT simply “bar to overhead”  Use the lighter weight if there’s any question marks in your form

10 Situps

15 Mountain climbers.

Beyond your score, the goal is to keep the mechanics of your push jerk intact despite the fatigue and metabolic elevation of the situps and push jerks.

Push Jerk Video here: Page down to the last entry.


WOD for MONDAY 5-31-10. Sessions at 8,9,11 and noon. NO 530.

May 30, 2010

Find your 20 rep max on the back squat. Often we dont demand continuous reps, today we do.  Rest at the top, if necessary.   This should be tough at rep # 5, misery at 10, agony and hallucinations at 15, and then it’s just a fight to hang on to 20.  Dont cruise through 17 reps and struggle on the last 3.

Use a target if you are someone who doesnt know exactly where parallel is.  Basically, if you are 5’4″ to 6 ft use a med ball. Shorter, use a basketball and plates.  Taller, use a med ball and plates. We all have our pet peeves and (one of) mine is people who squat too high.  So, low we go.

That is all.   That is enough. (FIREBREATHER FEATURE:  If you want more.  After you get your backsquat 20RM, take a shot at an overhead squat set of 20 with 50% of the backsquat weight).



May 29, 2010

Any ONE of the following for time

Run 5k

Stationary bike (or real bike, I suppose…) 5 Miles

Swim 1k

Post times to comments.


Saturday Schedule

May 28, 2010

11 am- FOUNDATIONS- Spend some quality time with Jason, focusing on getting your basics down pat.

11:30 FIREBREATHER WOD– GRACE is:  Bar floor to overhead (i.e.  Clean and Jerk) 30 times for time.  Guys 135.   Girls 95.  Ten minute cap.  NO SCALING.  If nobody shows up and/or nobody can handle the rx’d we’ll move straight to the team WOD.

TUG OF WAR with our new 2″ rope.  We may do some other stuff, but count on a hefty dose of  TOW pulling.

See you tomorrow!


WOD for Friday 5-28-10 ** edited**

May 27, 2010

After the warmup

Ten 100 meter SPRINT.  Full Speed.  All out.  1 sprint every 2 minutes.  So if you sprint 100 m in 18 seconds you have 1:42 to rest for the next one.  Logistically, recording your times will be too hard with more than 2 or 3 people, so no score is kept, but still push hard.

Rest 5 minutes then just for giggles:

1 attempt max distance overhead walk guys 135, 105, 95.  Women 95, 65, 45.  Walk back and forth on the same 100 meter track. Record approx. distance.

Overhead walk video here:


Tower CrossFit “Golf” details.

May 27, 2010

I know this will disappoint some of you, but there’s no “golf” in Tower CrossFit Golf day.  Although it takes place ON a golf course, similarities end there.  While some details have yet to be arranged, the format will be something along the lines of a team based race from the tee’s to the hole with every hole being different.  We may bear crawl, throw the med ball, put the cart in neutral and shove it, piggyback your teammate and/or burpee your way down the fairway.  Details on WHAT will be determined soon.

The WHEN of it all is Sunday, June the 20th, at 5pm.  Be advised that’s Father’s Day, but very likely if your father was worth a damn, he told you that he wanted you to experience all life has to offer, and to be healthy and strong; so I’m pretty sure he’d approve of your being there.  You have the whole day to take him to brunch and give him  a (nother) tie, and still make the first tee.

Cost will likely be between 15 and 20 bucks and will cover greens fees, cart rental, food, beer and liability insurance.

Mark your calender for what’s sure to be the social event of the season.


Pictures from ANGIE and The Pool.

May 27, 2010

ANGIE at the start.

Midway through ANGIE

Plate carry en masse.

Rochella suffers, but does not stop.