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CrossFit Golf new date! Sunday 7-18 10

June 30, 2010

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!   The best gift you could give me is to go to CrossFit Golf on our rescheduled date: Sunday, July 18th.  As of now plan on 5pm.

Again, CrossFit golf has nothing to do with actual golf, so dont let lack of real golf experience deter you. Those of you who have been to some of our more social events please confirm to any doubters that they are E P I C  fun.  I’d love to see a lot of you turn out.  The more people we have the more ridiculous photographs will follow.



WOD for Wednesday. 6-30-10

June 30, 2010


Video Here:


Training Logs from Kirstin; and some badass girl does 100 pullups sub 3minutes.

June 29, 2010

Kirstin Behn has put together a training log that has a lot of benchmarks, named WOD’s, max lifts and other conveniences all in the same slim, convenient volume.  10 measley dollars.  Hit her up for more info/to check them out.

On a different note, this clip from CFHQ of a girl doing 100 pullups is pretty amazing.  She does 55 or 60 reps consecutively.  Check out her butterfly technique.  More stiff legged than most, but clearly it works for her.


WOD for Tuesday 6-29-10

June 28, 2010

This is a repeat of 3-24-10.  Please see if you recorded your score.  We have 7 new jump ropes in 2 sizes, which should, should help your double unders.

Max rounds in 20 Minutes of the following:

1 burpee

2 pullups

3 pushups

4 backward lunges

5 Double Unders

NO SINGLES TOMORROW.  If you dont have double-unders, this will turn into a 19 and 1/2 minute DU practice session, and that’s fine.  This skill needs practice to develop.  If you dont have pullups, tomorrow we wont use the bands, you’ll  do jumping negatives.

If you have double unders, expect something in the neighborhood of 25+ rounds.  Very aerobically taxing.


WOD for Monday 6-27-10 and…The return of JASON!

June 27, 2010

Jason rejoins us from two weeks of doctor mandated inactivity.  let’s welcome him back with great effort in the following triplet

5 rounds of

5 ring dips (Scale to ring pushups)

5 deadlifts (275/225/185 guys  185/135/95 girls)

5 Tire jumps (guys 1 tire and 2 Pallets/ girls 1 tire and 1 Pallet. Scale down to guys + 1/girls 1 tire)

Short reps, heavy weights, high jumps, tough exercises.


Sunday 6-26-10–100’s

June 27, 2010

Last week’s Sunday compliance was the best ever.  So let’s do more of the same. Pick an exercise from among the following, or perhaps another one, and do 100 reps for time.



Thrusters 95/65

Bench press 135/95

Sqaut or Deadlift @ bodyweight/ 75% bodyweight

Knees to elbows



WOD for Saturday. Please note the earlier time!

June 26, 2010

FOUNDATIONS at 10:30  The Overhead Squat


First- Everyone on the teams get’s 1 attempt at a Max Snatch that MUST include an OHS in it.  So, you can full squat snatch it or power snatch it, and then OHS it.  Everyone should go for a heavy weight, but one they KNOW they can get.  Teams total their weight and the winning team subtracts the difference from their relay time.

So if Team A gets 350 total and Team B gets 325, team a gets a 25 second bonus off their relay.

Relay is: run 400 meters (all athletes at once) then:

Per person.  1 athlete moving at a time.
50 KBS (guys medium, girls light)
50 double unders or 200 singles
50 situps
25 reverse burpees