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Close Out 2010 with FRAN (some diet contest details as well)

December 31, 2010

You know her, you love her;  FRAN makes her first appearance at CFCB.

FRAN is 21-15-9 for time of

Thrusters @ 95/65


Get Amped up to kill this WOD!  Dont let FRAN’s painful reputation get into your head.

To get psyched, it has slowly but steadily become an unoffical CrossFit tradition to speak about taking on FRAN fast and rx’d in violent and pseudo sexual terms.  Last year Cam memorably “Skull-Fuc*ed”  FRAN at the Tower.  CFW girls  have been known to “GangBang that Bitch”.  My favorite was “I’m going to cut FRAN’s head off and kick it down the street!”  Which struck me as profound and poetic imagery.  I encourage you all to tap into whatever mindset will serve you best, polite or otherwise.

Diet Contest details:

At 12 noon on Sunday, I’ll speak for no more than 15 minutes and give you the basic outlines of the Paleo Diet, The Zone Diet and the Contest rules.  Then we’ll weigh, measure and photograph.  Please wear something that will illustrate the progress you’re soon to make. Allow for an hour, as the weigh/measure process is somewhat slow.  (Directed at no one in particular, because plenty of you do so and normally it’s fine), but please dont bring your kids.  This is boring for them.

Rest up and get some!


WOD for Thursday 12-29-10

December 30, 2010

One of the following depending on the weather/temperature


Run to the Tiki Bar and back (approx 1.7 miles).

Row 3k and 100 Double unders.

Run 1 mile at 10% incline and then row 2k.

Tiki Bar beach run is our first choice, so dress for an outdoor run.  If it’s above 45 degrees and the beach is visible, we’ll go outdoors.


WOD for Wednesday 12-29-10

December 29, 2010

Last split class of the week.  We’ll work on stabilizing positions above and below the rings, static holds and some technique instruction.  Then we’ll do the following choose your own AB-venture through these core movements.

25 GHD Situps

25 Knees to elbows

50 Jacknives – Right

50 Jackknives – Left

50 Floor Situps

25 Floor Cobras

25 GHD hip extensions

Total of 250 Trunk/Core movments.  In this WOD you can take the actions in any order, BUT you must complete all the reps in that action BEFORE moving on.  So for example, no breaking up sets of 50 into 2 of 25, with something else in between.

LSD on Thursday and FRAN on Friday.


Sumo Deadlift Pics and a map of the week.

December 28, 2010

First the week.

Friday 12-31 we’ll close out the year with FRAN (sometimes referred to as the “What’s your bench?” of CrossFit), the ultimate expression of a short duration CrossFit Metcon.  FRAN is my favorite CrossFit workout; in fact I will admit I have an unhealthy obsession with FRAN to a degree that somewhat runs contrary to the CrossFit ethos.  Everyone who gets into CrossFit remembers their first FRAN.   I am honored to facilitate your first meeting. NOT being at all facetious.  With FRAN in mind, we’ll go hard tuesday with DT.  Then Wednesday we’ll work technique on the rings and some abdominal movments.  Thursday we’ll run/row LSD (long slow distance) leaving you tanned, rested and ready for the year-end closeout special.

Pictures from this evenings WOD.  Some strong newcomers.  Nick and James both pull 365 off the ground, SUMO style, and Nick gets TIME OF THE DAY with a 4:25 100 Wallballs.  90 Seconds faster than your truly!  Nice work new guys!  Pr’s from Jeff James, Marcos and Jacqui as well.


WOD for Tuesday 12-28-10

December 27, 2010

First period, clean technique with 3 or 4 heavy singles as your confidence permits.  The attached video is particularly valuable as the commentary about what’s good and what’s bad is very accurate.  I cant embed it, but it’s worth the jump.

Then we’ll take on a tough metcon that splits the clean into two components and adds an overhead element.

DT is 5 rounds for time of

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Jerks

@ 155/105.  These prescribed weights are EXTREMELY heavy given the volume.  Almost everyone will scale.  I did this weeks ago in 15 and change, Rochella in 14 something, I think.  Video of crossFit games winner Graham Holmberg in an absolutely ridiculous sub 6.  This video makes the workout look deceptively fast.


Christmas Eve on has video of CF games #2 female finisher going EVEN FASTER.



December 27, 2010

Dont be this Guy!

Here’s the details–

  • On Sunday, Jan 2nd, we’ll present the diets/eating philosophies commonly endorsed by CrossFit:  the Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet.  Based on this info, you may choose to eat along the protocols of the diets strictly, loosely or not at all.
  • That same day and monday the 3rd, we will weigh, circumference measure, bodyfat test AND PHOTOGRAPH all the participants.   If you cant make either of those dates, you CAN measure and photograph later, but this is to your disadvantage.
  • The Contest will conclude on Friday 2-11-11 and Saturday 2-12-11 with all the weighs measures, and photographs repeated.
  • Contestants then have one week to view people’s before and after pictures and vote on the one person they feel has made the most dramatic change (to the positive!)
  • After party Saturday 2-19-11


In order to win, Contestants must do all of the following

  • Pay a 20$ entrance fee.
  • Log their food in an online food journal AT LEAST every other day.  This is where people get foiled.  You must do this to win the fabulous prizes
  • Be present at the designated start and finish times, or make arrangements to address the weights measures and photos privately, but in such a way that they are not granted any more time than the 42 days alloted.
  • You MUST be at the Awards Ceremony/After Party.


First prize (top vote getter)gets cold hard Ca$h.  Every dollar collected minus what we’re forced to spend on photographs.  The pot can get up into decent money!

Second prize (top vote getter of the opposite gender) gets 1 month free Unlimited Membership at CFCB.  $100 retail value, yo!

Mr./Miss Congeniality, aka Special Effort prize,  (awarded by me) gets 1 free hour of 1 to 1 training.


WOD for Monday 12-27-10

December 27, 2010


Heavy weight.  Full recovery


100 Wallballs for time. Guys 20/Girls 14.  Guys throw to the ceiling, girls to the black line.

Diet Challenge details very soon.  Likely Jan 3 to Feb 11.  Likely no binge party.  Definitely an after party.