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WOD for Monday 2-28-11

February 28, 2011

First we’ll spend about 30 minutes on Snatch Technique.  This lift is complex enough that I’d like to tackle it fresh and unfatigued.  We’ll warmup , then perform the sequence of actions in the video, then shoot for a safe but heavy single rep.

Then:  AMRAP in 10 minutes of

3 Shoulder to Ring Dips (guys) 90 deg ring dips (girls)

3 Knees To Elbows

3 Chest to bar Pullups (Guys) chin to bar (girls)

Guys rx’d includes a jump to the higher pullup bar.  Such low volume per set equals NO compromise on the Range of Motion.  There’s no problem with going short on the pullups or dips.  It’s just not prescribed.



OPEN GYM 11 to 1.

February 27, 2011

Come on in and get some work.  Anytime between 11 and 1.


WOD for Saturday 2-26-11

February 26, 2011

At 11:  Advanced. Pick a NAME or HERO wod that you can do UNSCALED.

At 12 Noon:  All levels/abilities.   Team games.  The forecast is great so count on some beach work.

See you then!

Link to a list of named wods HERE:


WOD for Friday 2-25-11

February 25, 2011

Deck of Cards format.  More categories, fewer of each one.  Mostly bodyweight, maybe some dumbell or med ball actions.

8 actions x 5 different rep counts = 40 total cards. Performed and scored as a team per class.  So 6am gets a score vs 1pm vs 5pm etc.




WOD for Thursday 2-24-11 and some notes.

February 24, 2011

First off- Thanks to one and all for your grace and courtesy this week.  We’ve had a handful of new people taking a look and you current members all have bent over backwards to be supportive and welcoming.  I appreciate it very VERY much.  CrossFit is intimidating enough without any additional hostility from the experienced members. Thanks for making the new folks feel welcome.

On a different note, clear your schedule for 3-5-11.  Both CrossFt Wilmington and Port City CrossFit are coming our way for a beach wod.  Turn out and represent.  Everything’s Harder in the Sand. Details soon!


Run to the tiki bar! and back.  Hard sand.  Early am please wear appropriate clothes,  It will be in the low 50’s.  Then

Static holds at

Chin above bar x3.

L-Sit x3.

Above ring static hold.


WOD for Wednesday 2-23-11

February 23, 2011

Reminder:  No thai training at 9am.  The kbs/jumprope WOD instead.

Thai boxing circuits.  Bring your gloves.


10 rounds for time of

10 Double Unders

10 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1.0


WOD for Tuesday 2-22-11

February 22, 2011


For time:

25 reps Back Squat

25 reps Front Squat

25 Reps Overhead Squat

25 Reps Jump Squat

Use the following increments 185/155/135/115/95/80/65/45

For example, I will probably go 185 backsquat, 135 Front, 95 Overhead.  If I started at 155 backsquat, I’d drop to 115 front and 80 overhead etc etc.

Jump squats are unloaded.