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Pictures, Saturday WOD and Diet Contest info

April 30, 2011

First, the diet contest.

Here’s the details–

  • We’ll kick things the weekend of May 14/15 and go to the 24/25th of June which is 6 weeks.  We’ll present the diets/eating philosophies commonly endorsed by CrossFit:  the Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet.  Based on this info, you may choose to eat along the protocols of the diets strictly, loosely or not at all.
  • We’ll have hours both Saturday and Sunday where we will weigh, circumference measure, bodyfat test AND PHOTOGRAPH all the participants.   If you cant make either of those dates, you CAN measure and photograph later, but this is to your disadvantage.
  • The Contest will conclude on Saturday/Sunday 6-24/25-11 with all the weighs measures, and photographs repeated.
  • Contestants then have one week to view people’s before and after pictures and vote on the one person they feel has made the most dramatic change (to the positive!).  Your measurements and numbers will not factor into the voting at all.  Voters are asked to base their decision purely on the difference in photographs.
  • After party follows a week later.  Handstands/Human Pyramids/Limbo and assorted feats of strength as per last time.


In order to win, Contestants must do all of the following

  • Pay a 20$ entrance fee.
  • Log their food in an online food journal AT LEAST every other day.  This is where people get foiled.  You must do this to win the fabulous prizes
  • Be present at the designated start and finish times, or make arrangements to address the weights measures and photos privately, but in such a way that they are not granted any more time than the 42 days alloted.
  • You MUST be at the Awards Ceremony/After Party.


This time around we will have a male and female winner.  All eligible contestant will vote for 1 woman and 1 man and the respective winners will split the money.

Mr./Miss Congeniality, aka Special Effort prize,  (awarded by megets 1 free hour of 1 to 1 training.

Winning this contest is exclusive to CFCB members.  Friends and family can participate in every respect, but they cannot win the money.  Please Note: there is no participating without paying.  If you dont really care about winning and are just in it for group support, extra motivation, for the fun of it, that;s fine but the entrance fee stands.

WOD:  TEAM BASED WODS AT 9am.  We will likely go out on the beach.  Events TBD.



Wod For Friday

April 29, 2011

Weather permitting, we’ll do the following:

For Time:

Tire Drag Forward

Tire flip x 10

Tire Drag Backward

Tire flip x 10

3 attempts at the above cycle.  Tire drags will be comparatively short.  Ballpark 100 meters.  For comparison, last week’s tire drags were 280 meters.

Love the Sand and GET SOME!


WOD for Thursday 4-28-11 Some sick KAREN times.

April 28, 2011

KAREN in 633 from Sean!  Whitney 7:11.  Jade was sub 8 and Jim Kitt in sub 5:30, with 70 unbroken wallball shots to start.  Nice work everyone!


STRENGTH- 7×1 Weighted pullup.  Use the belt atachments to add weight as needed.  Heavy Single reps from a dead hang. No kipping/swinging.

WORK-  Row 50o m/ 50 Bar Facing Burpees/50 Dumbell Snatches 40/25


Diet Contest and some photos

April 27, 2011

OK.  As some of you know we ran a diet contest this past Jan 5 through Feb 14th, to great success.  Jade Won, Sean Eames won the silver and multiple people lost a good amount of bodyfat.  Several of you that have come aboard after the end of the contest have asked about another one. I’ve been reluctant to do set up another one largely because they are hard to administer and it hasnt been too long since the last one, but my own disgusting fatness has gotten the best of me.

You might know that my kitchen is being renovated, and as a result, my normally strict diet has been displaced by food on the go type of choices.    At the conclusion of the kitchen construction, I am back in hardcore and if there is a reasonable amount of interest, we can have another 6 week diet contest starting Mid May and Ending around June 30, which is my 40th birthday, so I will have particular motivation.

If you are interested in joining me, please let me know in the comments section.  If there’s interest I will explain the format in depth.  It will largely be the same as in past contests.

Thanks.  Here;s some photos from today’s work:


WOD for Wednesday 4-27-11

April 27, 2011

All classes have the option of doing KAREN.

Every class except 7am has Thai Boxing Conditioning as an option.

Please spare others from your MRSA and get your own gloves.

KAREN is a real test of mental willpower.  150 wallballs for time.    Anyone could do KAREN in 15 minutes.  Most could do it in 12 or 11.  To go sub ten in KAREN is possible for almost all of you but demands a lot of focus. Gear up and get some!


Wod for Tuesday 4-26-11

April 26, 2011

First, nice work today.  Technically Matt and Rochella won the day with Matt doing 125 deadlifts at 185 and Rochella being the only woman to go overhead with 115.  That said, Jacqui’s effort while at a lighter weight, was  impressive as well!

WOD for Tuesday is as follows:  50 GHD situps, 25 Straight Leg Raises NOT for time.

Then:  FOR TIME  21-15-9 Ring dips/Front Squats @ 135/95.


WOD for Monday 4-25-11

April 25, 2011
At 3-2-1 go, you have 15 minutes to run 800m then acquire as many points as possible as follows
Bar Floor to Overhead = 3 points (IE Clean and jerk)
Bar Floor to shoulder = 2 point (Clean)
Bar Floor to Hang= 1 (Deadlift)
Guys 185/135/95
Girls 115/95/65