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WOD for Thursday 6-30-11

June 30, 2011


Shoulder Press 2×5

Push Press 2×3

Push Jerk 2×1


AMRAP in 10 minutes of

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)

10 Box Jumps



WOD for Wednesday 6-29-11 BARBARA RECAP

June 29, 2011

Without  a doubt, yesterday’s BARBARA provoked  the most amusing comments section since CFCB opened it’s doors!  Thanks one and all for weighing in.  Indeed, pat yourselves on the back for finishing what is surely one of the longer CrossFit workouts.  James Pierce narrowly edged out Neal in 34:55 vs 34:59.  In the girls, Whitney finished in 22:21 for 3 rounds, Rochella close behind in 23:20.

For Wednesday, 6-29.  Kickboxing at all classes except 7am. The alternate WOD is as follows:

50 Jacknives right

50 Jacknives left

2 Static Hold attempts above the rings

2 Static Hold Attempts above the Pullup Bar

2 attempt s at a max time plank

Optional/Suggested-  Do more espcially if you didnt do BARBARA yesterday.



WOD for Tuesday 6-28-10

June 28, 2011

Barbara (last we met was 1/11/11)  is 5 rounds for time of

20 pullups

30 pushups

40 situps

50 squats

with a MANDATORY 3 minute rest in between each round.  So your total time includes 12 minutes of rest.  I realize that some people’s hands are still beat up from last week.  If so, PLEASE scale the pullups with bands or opt for ring rows.

Same as last time I will have a 25 minute cap on the first 3 rounds.  Therefore, if you havent finished your 3rd round by the 25th minute, when you DO finish the round we’ll call that the end.


Diet Conest After Photo Recap. WODS for MONDAY and TUESDAY

June 26, 2011

Pictures are done, and in what has been our biggest diet contest ever (in term of participants)  we have some stiff competition and some dramatic change.

Pictures should be printed and on display by wednesday.

Sunday the gym is closed as I celebrate  my soon to be entry to the 5th decade of life.  We come back full schedule on monday with

STRENGTH: Back Squat 20-10-5-1

WORK:  Row 1k for time

Tuesday.  BARBARA 

5 Rounds for time of 20 pullups/30 Pushups/40Situps/50 Squats.  Now famously known as Jim K’s first ever CrossFit exposure.





WOD for Saturday 6-25-11/Diet Contest Info

June 25, 2011

9 to 10 am  Team games indoors and possibly out.

10:15 to 1pm  After Pictures/Weights/Measures.  Please be advised that it will be only me doing all aspects.  Kit’s helping Honduran disadvantaged youth building houses and Whitney’s helping disadvantaged Wilson’s pay for housing.  Therefore, things will likely move somewhat slowly.  So if you all show up promptly at 10:15, I cant guarantee you’ll be out in 5 minutes.

Some of you are going to start fluid depleting.  Be careful with your commute in if you are driving and substantially dehydrated.

Some of you are going to start fluid surplussing (IF you know what I mean) immediately after.  In your case, watch out for the drive home.  Expect your tolerances to be lower than average.

(EDIT)–It is in your interest to wear the same clothes as last time. Please try to do so.

The field is WIDE OPEN at this point.   Bear down for 16 more hours and win some money!


WOD for Friday 6-24-11

June 24, 2011
  1. 15 Minutes Group Stretch and Foam Roll
  2. Run to the Tiki bar and back.  For time.  1.8 miles.  If you cant run, treat the day as open gym.
  3. Saturday reminder, 10-1 Diet Contest Ends. Pictures/Weights/Measures.  Booze IS allowed in the gym.

WOD for Thursday 6-23-11

June 23, 2011


Strength- Clean 1-1-1-1-1  Power Clean or Squat Clean.  Lifts with a rounded lumbar that somehow makes it to your shoulders will NOT be called good.

Work- 3 minutes at the following stations.  Feet anchored situps for reps(with our new range guidelines).   Handstand hold, 1 Attempt for max time.  Row  for calories.  Wallball Shot and Sprawl for reps.  1 Minute between actions.