WOD for Friday 6-24-11

June 24, 2011
  1. 15 Minutes Group Stretch and Foam Roll
  2. Run to the Tiki bar and back.  For time.  1.8 miles.  If you cant run, treat the day as open gym.
  3. Saturday reminder, 10-1 Diet Contest Ends. Pictures/Weights/Measures.  Booze IS allowed in the gym.


  1. 17:11

  2. I’ll be surfin’, see you guys at the tiki bar!

  3. Thought about bringing in a 12 pack today do you have room in the fridge to keep it cold?

  4. 17:32 (I think)

  5. oops. 17:39

  6. 21:20

  7. Did not do the run today Yes I bailed like a wuss.. Instead this morning I did the main site WOD of 800 meter run then grace then 800 meter run and this afternoon I did the double under wod from Wednesday. My time was 12:53 with a crap load of burpees

  8. My run time was 17:47 (?) which was not fast enough to catch Sharon “I suck at running” Folgarty who go 17:35. That bitch can MOVE!

  9. 19:38 which i’m ok with… no shoes and a bloody foot

  10. 20:49 to the beach access (not all the way back to the bldg)

  11. Neal at 14:45. James P at 14:32.

  12. Running SUCKS!

    I did a Heavy Fran

    135 lb thrusters and weighted vest on the pullups

    15, 12, 9 reps


  13. 17:13 – PR for me! Felt great : )

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