WOD for Tuesday 6-28-10

June 28, 2011

Barbara (last we met was 1/11/11)  is 5 rounds for time of

20 pullups

30 pushups

40 situps

50 squats

with a MANDATORY 3 minute rest in between each round.  So your total time includes 12 minutes of rest.  I realize that some people’s hands are still beat up from last week.  If so, PLEASE scale the pullups with bands or opt for ring rows.

Same as last time I will have a 25 minute cap on the first 3 rounds.  Therefore, if you havent finished your 3rd round by the 25th minute, when you DO finish the round we’ll call that the end.



  1. I doubt I have enough time to get this done in am but I got some where to be in pm so my plan is to do as much as possible am and finish in pm. Not a true barb but I’ll just bust it and see what happens

  2. Not a good morning for me. First only got 5 hours of sleep then woke up at 5:45 only to race down to CFCB to have Barbara kick the livin shit out of me. I only got 3 rounds in with a time of 23:10.

    • Full Barbara in 32:23

  3. 3 rds in 22:50
    Hopefully back for more later

  4. Fuck you Barbara. 5 rounds done. Unassisted pushups throughout (first time for me) 44:12.

  5. 32:26. 1:45 Slower than January. I blame Geoff and Sean for peer pressuring me into an early am Workout time, and hand release pushups, and yesterday’s squats, which took more out of me than I expected. Today’s squat portion (usually a strength) was noticeably degraded. You shouldnt expect a PR every wod, but I wish I had this one back.

    • Brock, I don’t thinks its a fair comparison to judge hand release vs. non-hand release. That surely makes a big difference when you are talking 150 pushups! nice work, you were hauling ass

      • Hey Sean-

        Although your pity sickens me, I appreciate the sentiment.

        Sadly, my pushups are always my weak link. Today was an off day on the squats. But, as always, we recover and come back for more..

    • UGH! I WISH I could have gotten this done early! The more day that goes by the more sore I get and I cant get in until 5…gonna be tough! Also I have determined that JAMES STACY sandbagged yesterdays workout in order to have fresh legs today…shame shame.

      • Always an excuse…

        Note: James StacEy

        Marcos – I’ll be there at 5. U against me. BRING IT.

      • There are no weights involved, you will probably beat me Mr StaCIE.

  6. baaaaaaaaarrrrrrbrrrraaaaaa…..iiiiiii’m coooomin to geeeeet yooooooou….. (tonight – 5 or 6)

  7. 35:55 rxd, situps were slow, and very sloppy. I need to learn not to flop like a fish when I do situps for time.

  8. Total disappointment for me today.
    3 rounds 32:45
    Hands hurt still from last weeks tears. Used small band for pullups but it still sucked. Pushups were bad as well. Def want to do this again with fresh hands. Pretty bummed for my first time….I HATE BArbara.

  9. Barbara made Wendy come home and puke, awesome 1st WOD exposure huh!

    • that is AWESOME

    • Sean “Likes” this

    • Hahaha! That is great!

      • Yeah she looked like a zombie when she left this morning. Please assure her that this is not normal and it WILL get better….although let’s face it, Barbara never gets easier.

      • She’s fine….I told her how cool it was that she puked from a workout and she just stared at me….


  10. Holy shit. I need a nap. 42ish with green band. this is about what i got last time.

  11. 35:31 (I think) for 3 rounds
    1st round – rx’d
    2nd & 3rd rounds – +2 assistance

    I’m with Dawn, my hands still hurt from last week!

  12. 41:40 rx’d , Bloody hands and all . First exposure to Barbara or any of the girls. Brock , way to fork it to me { all 700 reps } as I finish my first month at CBCF. Going to get fetal , quiver and Die !!! Andy

  13. 3 rounds = 44:10 with +4 assistance on pullups and mostly 90 degree pushups. Oh my GOD — that sucked!! I felt nauseated and dizzy on the drive home, but feeling better now. I did it in 28:50 on Jan 11 and I’m sure I used less assistance and did C2D. Wow….

    • kathleen, you were at 34:10, not 44:10.

  14. I almost want to come up there at 5 and see the showdown! I’ll bring Marc’s cheerleading squad 😉

  15. First exposure to barb! She sucks.
    5 rounds 40:40 with unassisted jumping pull ups.
    Got 3 round done at 23:32. I wasn’t getting capped!

    • KRISTINA! Did you make it to CFCB or did you work out at CrossFit Chuck and Kristina? Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!

    • Ditto I miss you

  16. 39:22 – over 7 minutes faster than last time!!!!

    • Who won the battle ?

  17. 27:57 (I think) 3 rounds rx’ed. Much improved. Happy but not satisfied!!!

  18. 56:55 with +2 assist

    I bet I got NOT time of the day 🙂

    I also ran Greenfield Lake tonight. I am an idiot!

  19. 36 minutes and some change..I had to do ring rows b/c my hands are destroyed and 90 deg. pushups…5 rounds, almost puked when I smelled the carnies on the way to the car….my husband was so embarrassed he went to the truck and waited…first named workout for me..

  20. Not going to lie I came home and thought about why in the fuck I do crossfit that was hell… I did vomit well not alot but just enouf to turn my dripping sweat/droll a pretty green color… random thought i wonder if i bought a hypbolic chamber it would make things easier

    • James you killed that bitch…I did not, 42:33. I think taking a month off hurt more than helped

  21. 4 rounds in 30:something. Had to cut out to get Craig home for a meeting…disappointed not to finish last round. Used a thin and thick red band (not sure what assist that adds up to) and did 90 degree push-ups. I’m a fan of Barbara, but my hands are NOT.

  22. I really do love this workout

  23. I think this Bitch is the Hardest WOD Ever no doubt! Atleast of the named benchmarks I have completed!

    41:21 RX’d

    Last time I got 3 rounds done in just under 25 minutes this time I got 3 rounds done about 3 minutes faster…last time I quit…this time I didnt!

  24. I did the first three rounds RXed in 22;21 and the last two rounds with 2 assistance for a total time of 42:28. The pushups were the only thing to slow me down…and boy did they.

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