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Wod For Wednesday 8-31-11

August 31, 2011

Thai boxing is an option at 6,7 12 and 6pm.

The Alternate Workout is available at all classes and is as follows

Strength:  3×5 Shoulder press

Work:  AMRAP in 10 minutes of

1 Power clean

2 Shoulder press

3 Front Squats


and /or

for time

30 pullups

50 thrusters @ 45LBS

Row 1k

Which is JACKIE in reverse.  You can do one, the other or both as you see fit.


WOD for Tuesday 8-30-11 All classes on schedule.

August 30, 2011

Set a bar at bodyweight (guys) or 75% Bodyweight (girls).

On a 5 minute clock:

Run 800 m

Sumo Deadlift for max reps

Rest 5 minutes

On a 4 minute clock

run 600 meters

Standard Deadlift for max reps

rest 4 minutes

On a 3 minute clock

run 400 meters

max reps Snatch Grip Deadlift for max reps

Score is Total reps.



August 29, 2011

Most Importantly: Tomorrow 7am is cancelled!  Apologies for an unavoidable outside conflict.  All other times are unaffected.


1 minute each for max reps of  Box Jumps/Push Press/C2 ROW/Wallballs/Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

1 Minute off

x3 rounds for reps.

Not your last score and try to beat it.  Experiment with a new starting position, if you didnt like your last performance.



Post Irene Sunday and Monday schedule

August 28, 2011

Hello All-  Hope all weathered the storm well.  Some of our Island residents made the most of it, it would seem.  There’s a great couple of photos here:

Or you can go to the CrossFit Carolina Beach facebook page and hit the CFCB MEMBERS  tab on the left hand column.

The gym is bone dry, thanks in large part  to the efforts of Andy Herzog and Alex Hewett, both of whom pitched in to help me move and stack stuff.  If you were wondering, Sharon didn’t even show up;  something about “picking up her kids” or “getting her house prepared for the hurricane” or something like that.  The truth is, I don’t really recall, I was so disgusted! I’m all “Whatev!”  Anyway, I wont forget that, Fogarty!

So, Sunday, I will be putting stuff back between 10 and 12.  You are welcome to workout between those hours.  Monday, normal schedule.  We’ll run FIGHT GONE BAD one last time in preparation for next month’s event.



Schedule for Friday 8-26-11

August 26, 2011

OK-  Based on what we know at 7:50pm, here’s the schedule for the next two days

FRIDAY–  Open gym from 8am to 11.  I’m going to be prepping the gym for flood conditions.  Because I dont know what equipment will be available and when, I wont prescribe a workout, but DO come in and get some fitness if you can.

Extra hands are helpful, but not necessary.  Pitch in only if doing so wont compromise your personal preparations.


SUNDAY– TBD.  Please check back.  If Echo Farms or CB doesnt have power, then we are definitely close.

MONDAY– Normal Schedule unless power remains off.


Good luck everyone!



WOD for Thursday 3-25-11

August 25, 2011

After 2 metcon days, let’s lift some weights.

BoxSquat  4×3

Weighted Pullups 4×8


CFCB vs IRENE (hurricane Updates)

August 25, 2011

OK –  I cant seem to get a straight answer re: how badly/directly Wilmington and Carolina Beach are going to get hit by this lame-ass Hurricane.  Below is a schedule but check back for edits as things develop.

Saturday- 99% sure we’re closed all day

Sunday- Likely closed.  If we closed Saturday and it was a huge false alarm, with little to no damage/power outage etc, I’ll have some time for open gym.

Friday-  Here we’ll play it by ear.  If models and predictions show a significant hit, we’ll close and I will prep the gym for flood conditions.  Many of you have offered to help and I am very grateful. If it comes to that I will need two types of help.

1) If someone has a truck and can cart away some of the bigger items that I cant wrap in a trash bag and/or fit into the storage closet, that is especially helpful.  I dont want to load down any one person with tons for stuff, but the treadmill, couch and possibly one of the squat racks are at risk.

2)I will be moving lots of stuff into the storage closet and wrapping some of the equipment in Heavy Duty lawn bags.  A few more hands are appreciated.  Dont need much in the way of time commitment.  Maybe come in, do a WOD and toss a few dumbells into a bag and call it a day.

No hard feelings if you cannot make it, I’m aware you all have your own stuff to take care of.

Again, check back for updates.