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WOD for Monday 10-31-11

October 31, 2011

Alternating Tabata intervals  as follows.


Sumo Deadlift High Pulls and Burpees

(20 seconds of SDHP’s.  10 seconds of rest. 20 Seconds of Burpees repeat x 8)

rest 5 minutes


Medball Sprawl to Overhead and Box Jumps

21 minutes including the rest period.


Tomorrow:  DT



WOD for Saturday 10-29-11

October 29, 2011

Open Gym 10 to noon. Do your own thing, make up a missed WOD, work on a weakness.


WOD FOR FRIDAY 10-28-11 and some Squat recap.

October 28, 2011

For time, as written:
100 Step ups (alternating single leg. Box/tire)
100 Situps
50 Wallballs 20/14
50 GrassHoppers
25 Shoulder Press 95/65
25 Pullups


So pleased to see movement in the right direction.  If you could pick one aspect of human movement to perfect, you would be well served by selecting the squat.   Whether your goals are ambitious athletic or mild functional improvement, squat well and you have taken a great first step towards said goal.   And let me say that as a group, we are getting VERY good at squatting things.  Among many good performances, Jacqui and Kathleen, Marcos and Sean stood out in the sets of 20.  I was very psyched to see Amber, who at 5’11” and (I’m guessing) 130  has long levers which dont favor squatting heavy weight, hit 125 x 1.  Wendy broke into the triple digits for the first time.  Dont even get my started on Jessica “Born to Squat” K.  who has been on a tear lately.  Well Done ALL.  If you’ve never squatted to 20 reps the way I asked before, you will assuredly improve the next time.


WOD for Thursday 10-27-11

October 27, 2011

Strength- Back Squat 20-10-5-1 Bias towards the 20 rep set.

Work- AMRAP in 12 minutes of 12 Burpees, 12 Kettlebell Swings 24/16, Farmers Walk with your Kettlebell 100 m. Score is total reps of burpees and KB swings.


WOD for Wednesday 10-26-11

October 26, 2011

Thai Boxing at 6, 12 noon and 6pm.

At all classes the wod is as follows

First, For Quality
25 GHD Situps

Then For Time
10 Rounds of
10 Strict Pushups
10 Sumo deadlift High Pulls with the Kettlebell 24k/16k

Then For Quality
25 GHD Back Extensions


WOD for Tuesday 10-25-11

October 25, 2011


2×5 Hang Squat Clean @ 50-60% of your 1 rep max

2×5 Clean Pulls @ 90% of your 1 rep max.

2×5 Cleans at 75 % of your 1 rep max

If I squat clean 220×1, I perform the Hang Squat cleans at roughly 110 to 125. I perform the clean pulls at 200 and the full movement cleans at 175-185.

Run 1 mile for time.


WOD for Monday 10-24-10

October 24, 2011

We reviewed this skill last week. Here’s a chance to apply it.

AMRAP in 20 of

5 Pistols (rxd is below parallel with no target. Scale with a target or with band assistance)

5 Chest to bar strict Chin ups. That’s both palms facing you. Guys on the high bar, no exceptions please. The bar’s width is meant to be a factor.

5 Handstand Pushups. Scale to top half only or, if necessary to a strict barbell shoulder press.