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Gear up and get serious….DIET CONTEST RETURNS 1-1-12

December 31, 2011

Saturday- Open gym from 10-12.  Also during that time you can get weighed, measured and photographed.  But I cant guarantee you an efficient and timely process.  If you CAN come on Sunday vs Saturday you should do so.

Sunday- 1 pm I’ll discuss some common nutrition misconceptions and give you a broad view of the ZONE and the Paleo Diet. That will be largely the same as in years past, but immediately after, Whitney will detail some specifics about what to buy and how to cook/prepare meals.  That aspect will be new.  We’ll field questions and try to get the talking part done by 1:30/1:40.  Then it’s weigh/measure/pinch and shoot. Please remember to wear clothes that let us pinch you and get accurate tape measure readings.  Then wear those clothes again. PS- Please DO NOT forget your money.  Save me the huge headache of needing to track all of you freeloading deadbeats, well meaning, but forgetful types.  $20.  No checks, no credit cards.  We put a wad of cash in the winner’s hand and nothing else compares.


Can I do the contest but not pay, if I don’t care about winning?

No, this is CrossFit and winning matters, but even if you dont care, the fee remains.

I dont want to get my pictures taken, can I still do the contest?

No. But I will keep them out of any public domain (like the photo album and/or off the website) if you ask me to.

I cant make the Staurday or Sunday photo times, can you take my picture on Monday, Tuesday etc.

No.  This is a logistical mess.  The next picture opportunity after Sunday is next Saturday 1/6/12 at open gym.

Can my spouse/friend/parole officer participate?

Yes, but they cannot win the money.

I hate parties, why do I have to go to win?

You may hate NORMAL parties, but this is a CFCB party, where handstands, human pyramids and feats of strength abound.   You will enjoy yourself and your alcohol tolerance will be so low it’ll be like 8th grade all over again.

This is a great chance to kick the year off with dramatic change.    Commit and make things happen.




WOD for Friday 12-30-11

December 30, 2011

Strength-  Last attempts at a 1 rep max.

Work-  For time.  100 Shoulder to Overhead (Push Press/Push Jerk) @ 115/75. 4 burpees Every minute on the minute.


WOD for Thursday 12-29-11

December 29, 2011

First off, I was really pleased to see many of you not only meet but exceed the exercise prescription for the day.  Many went above and beyond the asked for two actions to three or even 4.  Some people did the WOD from the day before!  Very well done.  Special note should be made to both Dawn and Veronica who both got successful pullups at 50lbs over their bodyweight.  That is extremely strong!


Thursday and Friday will be the last of the 1 rep max attempts.  Please choose 1 of the following lifts and find your one rep max.  Back or front squat.  Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift.  Bench Press or Shoulder Press.

Then we’ll go as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of 10 wallballs  20/14 — 10 Kettlebell Swings  24k/16k/– 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65.


WOD for Wednesday 12-28-11 Thai boxing conditioning returns

December 28, 2011

Thaio Boxing Conditioning is offered at 6am, 12:30 and 6pm.

The CrossFit WOD, available at all classes is as follows:


100 Pushups
100 Box Jumps
100 Kettlebell Swings
100 Wallballs
100 Reverse Lunges
100 Situps

50 Knees to elbows/Toes to Bar

50 Burpees

50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65



December 27, 2011

Here’s the details–

  • On Sunday, Jan 1st from 1 pm to 3pm,  we’ll broadly present the diets/eating philosophies commonly endorsed by CrossFit:  the Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet.  Based on this info, you may choose to eat along the protocols of the diets strictly, loosely or not at all.
  • Immediately afterwards we will weigh, circumference measure, bodyfat test AND PHOTOGRAPH all the participants.    If you can’t make either of those dates, you CAN measure and photograph the day before or the following Saturday,  during the open gym hours, but this is to your disadvantage.
  • The Contest will conclude on Saturday 2-11-12 with all the weighs measures, and photographs repeated.
  • Contestants then have one week to view people’s before and after pictures and vote on the one person they feel has made the most dramatic change (to the positive!)
  • Awards Ceremony Saturday 2-18-11.


In order to win, Contestants must do all of the following

  • Pay a 20$ entrance fee.
  • Log their food in an online food journal AT LEAST 10 times.  That figure is dramatically LOWER than in year’s past and you are encouraged to post more than that.  This is where people get foiled.  You must do this to win the fabulous prizes.
  • Be present at the designated start and finish times, or make arrangements to address the weights measures and photos privately, but in such a way that they are not granted any more time than the 42 days alloted.
  • You MUST be at the Awards Ceremony/After Party to win.  Please check the dates to make sure you can attend.


  • Spouses/friends can participate and are held to the same guidelines, but they cannot win the money.
  • You cannot “just do” the contest but not pay the entrance fee, even if you “don’t care” about winning.
  • a number of you have expressed reservations about the pictures.  While the pictures are necessary and mandatory, please be reminded that you can wear any clothes you want.  They need not be revealing.


Top female and male vote getter wins cold hard Ca$h.  Every dollar collected minus what we’re forced to spend on contest expenses.  The pot can get up into decent money! Consolation prizes for particular benchmarks/humors events are always awarded.


WOD for Tuesday 12-27-11

December 27, 2011

Strength: Back Squat  3×5.  Score is total reps times weight on the bar, so NOT highest set only.

Work:  3 Rounds for time of:

10 Hang Power Snatches 65/45

20 Overhead Squats 65/45

30 Situps





The Week in Pictures

December 27, 2011

Most of these are from either The Christmas Chipper or the Heavy Cindy/Pullups-Crossover Pushups/Squat with a Plate WOD.  Because of long downloading time I rarely post all the shots I take. If you want shots of yourself in action, and I haven’t posted any, do let me know and I’ll try to remedy that.  It’s fun to see yourself in mid-wod misery, and you should all have a chance to do so.

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