WOD for Wednesday 1-25-12

January 25, 2012

Thai Boxing is Offered at 6am/12:30/6pm

CrossFit WOD is

4 rds for Time of

200m run

25 Pushups

200m run

25 Kettlebell swings 24/16

totals = 1 mile of running. 100 Pushups. 100 KBS



  1. Were just going to skip Wednesday?

    • Damnit!! Thanks for the catch. Will Adjust….

      • Lol

  2. I’ll need to do Mon and Tues strength tomorrow if that’s ok. Hopefully work schedule won’t get in the way of the 12:30 class….AGAIN!!!

  3. damn work! ill be there at 12:30 unless work gets in the way also. I did a wod from december 2 days ago and am so sore. I am just plain mush these days. I enjoy much more pushing others to their death than myself…..

  4. 23:58…lite KBS and half-way push-ups.

  5. 20:55

  6. 19:20 something miserable time. I hate running…I hate running more when it involves pushups and KB’s

    • OH…RX’d

  7. 17:56 rx’d….She doesn’t post her scores, but I must say I was super impressed with Kim this morning…not sure what her time ended up being, but I know it was faster than 17:00 min

    • Kim kicked all our asses! I think it was her first time running in two months too. 18:02

      • With wee kettle bell and 1/2 push-ups

  8. 23:01 16kg ktbl

  9. 16:38 but slightly not fair b c it was on a 100m track…no stopping and turning around

    • why do you only post when you cheat

      • Wtf! Lame…

      • Hahaha. Sucker.

  10. 22:05 Rx’d

  11. 17:17 rx’d

  12. 17:19 rx’d. Good WOD think I took too many rests on the kettlebell swings though

  13. 15:16 RxD. Gonna say my prayers tonight and ask for speed and strength. Amen.

  14. 18 mins

  15. 14:22 rx’d

  16. I did this on Saturday open gym. Just reposting here in case we ever do it again and need to compare our scores.

    26:48 RX’d

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