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New equipment notice

January 24, 2012

I was debating the need for new equipment and the dozen of you at 5pm made the decision an easy one.  On order are one more 14 and one more 20lb med ball in the dynamax style (better for throwing, worse for slamming and sprawling on), one new rack that can accomodate benching and squat/shoulder press heights, and 4 ab mats, which may or may not eliminate the dreaded situp rash so many of you suffer from.

A week to 10 days is what they tell me.

Thanks to all for cooperating and making the session flow smoothly.


WOD for Tuesday 1-23-11 Plus some pullup congrats

January 24, 2012

3 congratulations of note. All pullup related.

  • Something finally clicked for Mike R. and his kipping pullup is now A+ stuff. 20 in a row like it was easy.  The takeaway from that should be to not skip the technique periods because they “aren’t hard”.
  • James S. broke 7 minutes on 100 pullups for time.  Very Fast.
  • Jeff K.  First rxd pullup wod today.  Well done.


Strength Bias

Lift--Shoulder press 3×5 at 60/65/70% of 1 rm.

Work--For time: 20 Handstand Pushups (scale with reduced range of motion) 25 Single Arm kettlebell Shoulder Press Right.  Single Arm  Kettlebell Shoulder Press Left. 25 Kettlebell Push Press Right, 25 Kettlebell Push Press left.

For Quality–50 ab movements of your choice.



Technique- Handstand Pushup progressions

Strength- 20, 10, 5, 1 Shoulder press.




Diet 1/2 mark. Suggestions and some tough love words.

January 23, 2012


3 more weeks and this can be you again.

We are 22 of 42 days in with what are pretty typical group results. Some people seeing profound and dramatic change, some people not so much.

If things are going well and I’d characterize “well” as visible difference in your clothes’ fit, people commenting on your “weight loss” and/or 2 lbs or more of weight loss per week, stay the course.  No need to change anything.

If you are like me, a little behind schedule, let’s examine a few things:

1) How compliant have you been REALLY?  Last year we had some (1) outright liars but he/she’s not here anymore, so I don’t suspect that any of you fall into that category.  But check your diet.  Is there room for it to get stricter?  Understand that some of the changes that will trigger your fat loss mechanisms are related to hormone release and shutting those hormones down sometimes demands the complete absence of a food type (grains for instance) for a certain time frame, not merely the reduction of that food.  So the little piece of bread or the one slice of pizza may not be hugely significant in terms of their calorie content, but may be halting your hormonal adjustment mechanisms and thereby your progress.

2) Dairy is a significant x factor that really reacts differently among different people.  Some people display significant inflamatory reactions.  If you’ve been great elsewhere and aren’t seeing good results, but still are eating cheese, milk, yogurt etc, eliminate it for these next 3 weeks and see what happens.

3)Alcohol.  Consider alcohol a metabolic speedbump.  Everything about your metabolism slows down, including fat loss, for a good while (12-24 hours depending on lots of stuff).  It also inhibits your training.

4) While I don’t advocate going hungry for long periods when speaking of a sustainable lifelong plan, here and now, with the contest at stake, if your progress is stalled and your doing everything right, you may need to reduce your volumes.  The right food choices eaten in excess wont convert to fat, they dont react with the hormones that cause fat storage, but the food you take in will be utilized ahead of your stored bodyfat.  Dont eat beyond hunger and perhaps deal with hunger for an hour or two before eating,  and that should assist.

5) More activity.  If possible, increase your activity levels.  Any activity at all supresses your insulin which leads to less fat storage.

Lastly, some tough love words, which dont come easy for me.  You’re all adults and I’m not the boss of any of you.  My ability to impact your fitness success or failure doesnt extend beyond showing you the way.   In other words, if I say “here’s what you need to do.” And you say “yea but that doesnt work cause of xyz”  well, my tool box is empty at that point.

But I’m going to make an exception for this contest, and I expect the rest of the world will basically say the opposite (Enjoy it. Live a little.  You’re not fat.  One wont hurt.)  Anyway, time for you to toughen up.   A bad day, a compelling social event, an annoying coworker might be reason to head to the wine bottle, the pizza buffet or the m&m’s bag on a normal day, but this is 6 short weeks!  Now only 3 weeks.  If you’re just doing this to “lose a little weight” or “see how you do”  I’d encourage you to aim a little higher.  Get strict, practice some denial and see if you cant make a significant change in the way you look/feel/perform.  You can always go back to the way you were.


WOD for Monday 1-23-12

January 22, 2012

If you are participating in the Strength Bias Programming, this is what is known as your “de-load” week, meaning the weights are purposely light.  You will feel underchallenged and be tempted to go heavier.  Don’t make that mistake.  Use this week to focus on form and execution and recall that this program’s intention is slow, incremental growth with a time frame of several months not a  few weeks.  That said you will get plenty of work in your metcons.  Excepting the shoulder press, this week your metcons will feature the alternate movement on a given day (so if you strength bias with a back squat, you’d do the front squat, standard deadlift does the sumo etc) as follows.

Strength Bias

Lift-  Squat movment (back or front)  3×5 @ 60%, 65 % and 70%

Work– For time: 5 rounds x 10 reps (Opposite )Squat movement @ 75% of your 1rep max/Top Half Only Pullups.  Range of motion is Chest to Bar at the top and Elbow only to 90 degrees at the bottom.  A lot less engagement at the elbow joint/bicep muscle.


Technique- 10 minute of double unders practice.  Unfatigued.  For Quality.  Instructional Video here. Five minutes of Medball Clean Practice.

Work- AMRAP in 15 minutes of 20 Double Unders (100 Singles) 15 Ball Sprawls 10 Medball Cleans.


WOD for Friday 1-20-11

January 20, 2012


LIFT–Bench Press or Close Grip 5×75%, 3×85%, 1×95%


STRENGTH- Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. Push press x2 for Weight

WORK–Both Groups

Randomly Assigned Partners do the following-

Max Reps Tire Flips in 2 minutes (Guys-Jill, Girls-Thera)

TIre Drag-Guys 200 M Girls 150

Plate Rope hoists- Alternating sets of 5.  Max reps in 2 minutes. Guys 45/Girls 25.


WOD for Thursday 1-19-11

January 19, 2012



3×1 Power Snatch from the Hang

3×1 Power Snatch from the Floor

3×1 Full Squat Snatch from the Hang

3×1 Full Squat Snatch


7×1 Snatch for weight.  Power or full doesnt matter, if you make it, you can go up.


Strength Bias

Lift--Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift 75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1-fatigue

Work–Same as CrossFit.




WOD for Wednesday and Whitney’s new certification.

January 18, 2012

First, I’m excited to announce that Whitney took and passed her USAW Club Coaching Olympic Weightlifting Exam this past weekend (in between nursing school exams), putting her in rare and exclusive company alongside none other than Tony and Ron from CFW, who are (I think?) the only other people in the Wilmington area that have this cert.  While certifications alone don’t make a good instructor,  they are a significant metric and we are pleased to have the USAW credential on our staff.

ps-If I’m wrong and someone else has this:  1)please update your resume and 2) let me know.


Thai Boxing Conditioning is offered at 6am, 12:30 and 6pm.  if you choose to attend the TBC classes, please make every effort to show up on time.

The CrossFit WOD

100 Pullups

100 Pushups

100 Situps

100 Airsquats

This would be ANGIE if done as written, but tomorrow, you have the option of splitting this anyway you want.  If you move quickly from one action to the next, always staying ahead of localized muscle fatigue, this should turn into a significant stresser of your total system.  If you do ANGIE, this will be a pullup bomb with a bunch of stuff afterwards.