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Team Games events announced. Open Gym 10-12

March 31, 2012

Team Games Lineups are as follows

Marshall, Lala, Rebecca and Laura–Team Beautiful People

Brian, James P, Craig and Don– The Y Chromosomes

First Event: Team relay-   Team BP:  one athlete must carry the 14lb Med ball, another the 16kg Kettlebell, another a 25 lb plate and one athlete may run without anything.   The Y C’s:  same as above but 20lb medball, 24kg Kettlebell, 45 Lb plate, and one athlete may run without an object.  Head to head.

Second Event: The winner of event #1 will do 80 pullups for time.  The loser of event 1 will Double Dutch with the blue rope.  Two athletes turning the rope, two athletes jumping.  Switch positions whenever you want.  Your score is max reps.  2 Minutes rest.  Teams reverse.  High score double dutch jumps wins.

3rd Event– 1 rep Max Clean and Jerk.  Teams add their total poundage for score.  1 Bar per team.  8 minutes total allowed for all 4 athletes to achieve their best effort single rep clean. TBP needs to get 75% of the poundage of The YC’s to win.

4th Event– Athlete 1 rows for max calories while Athlete 2 (teammate), maintains a handstand.  calories rowed at the time when the handstand is broken is the score.  All athletes row and all athletes invert.  Score is total calories per team


Nutrition Links

March 29, 2012


Some of our newer membership has asked after food resources.  Below are several of my favorite links.  Please spend some time and learn what’s up with how to eat to lose fat and perform better.

Robb Wolf’s Website- Here

Gary Taube’s seminal article on Diet Myths and misconceptions.  (SO worth the 20 minute read)-HERE

Why You Got Fat!  Short (5 minute)  video clips from the Documentary FATHEAD– HERE

Dr. Eades on bloodsugar reactivity and hunger.  8 Minutes-HERE

Beginner’s Paleo Guide -HERE

Grains are Bad

Cardiologist bashes Low Fat Diets


WOD for Friday 3-29-12 and options for Saturday.

March 29, 2012


Strength- Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Progress as long as you squat to depth and make the lift with decent form.

Work (from 9-22-11) for time-  20 GHD situps then 10 rounds of 10 Situps/10 Knees to Elbows.

Saturday, we can do team games if we get 8 commitments in the comments section.  Please check your schedule ahead of commenting to insure that you can indeed come, and please set aside the full two hours from 10-12.  Failing that, We’ll run the Operator Ugly for anyone who wants to take it on.  The specifics are here.

Open gym will happen 10-12 regardless of the above.


WOD for Thursday 3-29-12

March 29, 2012

As promised, last wedesday’s wod repeated.  Please perform whatever you didnt last week.

First: 5 minutes Double Under practice.  We have 3 new long handled speed ropes for our taller athletes. During this period, if you;d rather, I can work your handstand mounts for those of you who dont know them or had trouble with them on Wednesday.


The Tiki Bar Run  (it’s now light enough that all classes can do it)


Set a bar at Bodyweight (guys) or 75% Bodyweight (girls).

(NOTE: All loads are scalable as necessary. In addition, if you are someone who has back pain/soreness with regularity, please consider doing the Sumo Deadlift for all three exposures. We can discuss; please alert me to any issues/concerns.)

On a 5 minute clock:

Run 800 m

Sumo Deadlift for max reps

Rest 5 minutes

On a 4 minute clock

run 600 meters

Standard Deadlift for max reps

rest 4 minutes

On a 3 minute clock

run 400 meters

max reps Snatch Grip Deadlift for max reps

Score is Total reps.


WOD for Wednesday 3-28-12

March 28, 2012

Thai boxing is an option at 6, 1230 and 6pm, provided 3 people choose to do it. 

CrossFit is as follows

Split any way you want

100 Kettlebell swings

100 Grasshoppers

100 Ten meter Shuttle Runs with a medball 20/14

100 Box Jumps

10 Handstand Pushups/ Handstand Mounts

Shuttle run will be outdooors, so dress accordingly.


WOD for Tuesday 3-27-12

March 27, 2012

Technique/ Strength- 5×5 Clean Pulls (see video).  Ascend in weight every set if possible.

Work- In ascending sets of 3, AMRAP in 7 minutes of  1)thrusters @ 100/70, 2)Chest to bar pullups.  So it goes, 3 thrusters, 3 pullups, 6 thrusters, 6 pullups, 9 thrusters etc etc.




WOD for Monday 3-26-12

March 26, 2012

Strength Bias-  At your own schedule, retest your lifts.  If you’re sore/fatigued in the shoulders, dont shoulder press.  The only time frame is try to get the lifts in by the end of this week.  Going foward with the program is up to you, and while I’m happy to remind you of details, you should be close to self sufficient after 3 cycles/12 weeks.


Technique- Snatch balance 7×3.  Work up to a challenging weight by your 3rd or fourth set.  On a scale of 1 to 10, not more than a 7 or 8.

Work 1– 3 attempts at Max Reps unbroken wallballs.  Ball Stops and/or hits the floor,  Set is over.  Lung capacity and precision/timing are both factors.  Score is total reps.

Work 2– 3 Attempts at max length barbell static hold snatch grip at arms length.  Guys bodyweight.  Girls 3/4 Bodyweight.  Score is cumulative time.  1 Minute rest in between sets.