WOD for Monday 6-18-12

June 18, 2012

TECHNIQUE-  10 minutes on High Bar vs Low Bar Back Squatting Technique.  Do yourself a big favor and spend 7 minutes HERE.  This medium length explanation of the relative benefits of high vs low bar back squatting is well worth your time and energy.

STRENGTH/WORK– 5 Rounds (capped at 10 minutes) for time of

8 Back Squats 225/145   (scale to 145/115 or lower)

8 Push Jerks 135/95  (scale to 95/65 or lower)

The athlete will complete his/her squats, change the weights and resume the workout on the same bar with the designated push jerk poundage.


  1. 8:04 rx’d

    • 145/95
      I have started using a weightlifting belt with my lifts and have noticed a huge difference. have to say it is one of the smartest $20 investments I have made

      • Rochella, great time! I use a belt on my heaviest sets, I also use neoprene knee wraps on any heavy, deep hip flexion movements.

  2. Does anyone know the weight of the Brave Soldier tires for the tire flip and the weight of the sandbags?

    • Diane, count on 22lb sandbags for the throws. About 2x that for the carry. Tires weighed 265 in Wilmington.

  3. 185lb Back Squats/145lb Push Jerk

    4 rds+8 Back Squats+1 Push Jerk….10 more seconds and I could have finished.

  4. 4 rounds +4 back squats at 115 and 65.
    Way harder than I thought it would be 😦

  5. Impromptu vacation- the resort has a decent exercise room- they have these funky bars from 40-70 lbs, so I did 5 rounds of 8- 70 lb back squat/push press in 6:02. And then I ran up and down the 20 stories of stairs x 2. And now I am going to take a nap by the pool.

  6. Whitney 50 reps rxd. Brock 78 reps rxd. Row–1k in 3:31.

  7. Finished all 5 rounds at 9:50. First 3 rounds were 115/65 last two 95/65. I was hyper extending my back…ouch… So decreased my weight. Should have gone heavier on the push press. Challenging workout.

  8. 9:48 rx’d (i think)

  9. Kim- 48 reps (3 rounds) w/ first squat round being rx’d and switched to 125lbs on second and third round.
    65 lbs on Jerks.

    Brandon-36 reps 135lbs squat, 95lbs jerk. First official WOD for him…room to improve but did good babe (…Kim)

  10. Got all but the last rep RX today! Ugh. Much tougher than I thought.

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