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Wod for Friday. Saturday open gym 10-12. Labor day 10-1pm.

August 31, 2012

Wod for friday, 8-31-12

Men: Close grip bench

Women: Shoulder press

Both at 65/75/85%

Work-  karen + randy + griff is as follows

25 hang power snatches at 75/55

50 wallballs 20/14

Run 800

25 hang power snatches

50 wallballs

Run 400 backwards

25 hang power snatches

50 wallballs

Run 800 m

For time.


WOD for 8-30-12

August 30, 2012

Strength 1-  3×5 cleans @ 65/75/85%

Strength 2-  3×5 Clean Pulls @ 85% + or —

Work-  Buy in- 1 minute of handstand hold, then:

then 21-15-9

Sumo deadlift 185/135

Sprawl Balls 20/14




WOD for Wednesday 8-29-12 Thai Boxing at 1:30

August 29, 2012

Stretch/Mobilize/Recover for 10 minutes.

Strength 1- Weighted pullups at 65/75/85% of 1 rm.

Strength 2- 3×8   Altered Grip Pullups.  So here, if you normally do your pullups palms-away, you perform these palms facing you and vice versa.

Work- Your choice of the following workouts FOR TIME

“Jackie”–1000m row, 50 thrusters @ 45lbs, 30 pullups


Row 1000m, 50 Kettlebell Swings @ 24/16, 50 Overhead  Squats @ 75/50.


WOD for Tuesday 8-28-12

August 28, 2012

Strength 1-  Women:  Close Grip Bench Press. Men:  Shoulder press.  3×5 at 65/75/85%

Strength 2- Women:  Bench Press 2×8 on a 4-1-x-1 tempo.  Men: Seated Dumbell/KB Shoulder Press 2×8 on a 4-1-x-1 tempo

Work- For time, as written (last performed on Friday the 13th in April.  4-23-12)

800 m run

60 walking lunges

40 bar facing burpees

20 ring dips

10 Sandbag getups

All scaleable.


WOD for Monday 8-27-12. Notes on programming.

August 27, 2012

Strength 1- 3×5 Back Squat @ 65/75/85%  of 1 RM



Strength 2-  Find your Front Squat max.


Work- 2 rounds of BARBARA


20 pullups


30 pushups


40 situps


50 air squats


mandatory 3 minute rest between rounds.

This is the first week of your last Strength-Bias cycle.  You will stay on each lift as before with this week done 3×5, next week 3×3 and the following week 5-3-1.  The fourth week of this cycle we will retest your 1 rep max on each of the lifts and see where we are.  That week concludes on Friday,  Sept 22.  We then have roughly 2 weeks until the Step Up for Soldiers mud run on Oct 6.   I will program some alternate wods in that interval for anyone wanting to get some specific prep.  We move the following week and thereafter we will program with a bias towards the olympic lifts for 10 weeks or so, then it’s the holidays and Jan 2nd We roll out the diet contest ( not challenge) 2013.










Open Gym 10-12 noon

August 25, 2012

See you there.


WOD for Friday 8-24-12

August 24, 2012

Tire drags return after a long hiatus.  We now have four operational tires.

Strength-  Men- Close Grip Bench Press, Women- Shoulder press 60/65/70% of 1 rm

Work-  For Time –

tire drag- men 400 m, women 300 m

5 Rounds of

toes to bar (m-10/w-7)

Burpees (m-10/w-7)

You’ll get two scores.  First score is your tire drag.  Second score is total time.  So don’t sandbag your run.