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WODS for the week of 10-1 to 10-5 and schedule news.

September 30, 2012

First, thanks to everyone for their feedback with  regards to the schedule.  Here’s what we’re going try for the month of October.

6am Tuesday and Thursday will be replaced with an open gym period.  There will not be a coach on hand, so athletes/members are asked to avoid movements/exercises/techniques that they are not familiar with.  You are encouraged to do the Workout of the Day if it’s within your capacity.

7pm Tuesday and Thursday will be added.   These sessions will operate as standard coached classes.  Common warmup, walk through WOD and so forth.

This keeps class count the same as before and adds two hours of gym access per week.  We’ll track attendance within each new period and re-evaluate at the end of October.


Monday – for time:  Row 1000 m, 50 wallballs, run 1 mile.

Tuesday – (citing my sources, this format is largely stolen from CF Wilmington who ran a similar WOD a few weeks ago)  Push/Pull- 20-10-5 Reps of the following

1) Handstand Pushups/Pullups

2) Ring Dips/Bent Rows 135/95

3) Close Grip Bench 135/95, Ring Rows


Every Minute on the minute x 7.  3 Front Squats.  For Weight.

Work Capacity to be determined.


Recover/Roll/Stretch for 10 minutes.

Technique- 10 Minutes to determine your 1 rm Hang Snatch

AMRAP in 12 Minutes of 30 Double Unders/15 Hang Snatches at 50% of above.


Sumo Deadlift 5×3 Increase weight every set.

Work Capacity to be determined.








OPEN GYM 10-12 and News on the location change, rate change, schedule change.

September 29, 2012

First up-  Open gym is 10 am to noon.  Come in and make up a wod, work on a weakness, do your own thing.


Second-  News on our upcoming move:

Two weekends from now, Saturday October the 13th and Sunday October the 14th will be the vast majority of the gym’s relocation efforts.  Both days we’ll do a wod at 10 am, followed by moving equipment.  Paleo food and non paleo beer will be provided and while you are all encouraged to come and lend a hand, please dont feel obliged.  Billy from The Dive seems to think he can provide a trailer that should cover the vast majority of our moving needs, but strong legs and backs are still very much in demand.  Anyone with a flat bed truck, a crescent wrench, and a drill are also of immense value.  We expect our new equipment will be on site prior to that weekend, and many hands will make the job go faster.    Dont be put off from coming if you;re NOT particularly tool-savy,  we’ll still fin something for you to do, besides which, there’s beer!!  I want to make this move a good time for all.

We have a lot of new toys on the way.  Foremost among them is our posh new pullup rig from Rogue Fitness pictured HERE.  4 Squat racks, 16 Pullup Positions, Landmine attachement etc etc.  Too long have you labored with sub standard equipment!  From here on out, first class all the way!
Also coming is about 600 lbs of new bumper plates, as Y’all have put a hurting on our original stock.  This is expected out of a bunch of badasses!  We’ll pick up some additional 30 lb bars, some additional rings, we have 12′ feet of overhead space for muscle-ups and rope climbs, and we’ll have some specialized Olympic lifting equipment as well.  We’re outfitting 20m of astroturf, picking up some 30, 40 and 50 lb slam balls as well as a few prowlers and vertical jump training equipment.  As you all know, I dont get excited about much, (maybe CrossFit Golf) but I’m excited about this.

We will open with slightly higher rates that will bring us more in line with industry standards, but your rates will not change as long as you preserve your active member status.  Consequently, if you have friends on the fence NOW is the time to get them inolved!  Every decision I make always has one eye toward keeping memberships costs lower than you might find elsewhere at similar facilities, and at that we;ve been successful so far.

Despite the resounding win for 6 and 7 am in our recent schedule poll, 6am remains poorly attended, so for the month of October we will experiment with the following changes (with nothing set in stone):

6am will be replaced on TU and TH but remain on M-W-F.

Please let me know via the comments section, what hour block would serve best as a replacement.  I have some restrictions, but would love to get your input.  7pm?  8am? 9 am?  Longer Open Gym Hours on Sat.  Hours On Sunday?  Let me know.


Wod for Thursday 9-27-12

September 27, 2012

15 Minutes to establish your 3rm squat clean.  Touch and go off the ground.  Gather at the hang.


5 rounds for time of

5 Overhead Squats 135/95

10 Knees to Elbows


Tiki Run Times and Mud Run Info

September 26, 2012

Please post your Tiki Run times here.  Greg broke 14 minutes to get onto the leaderboard.  Leaving me the only member of our team NOT on the leaderboard.  Work to do….

Insofar as the Mudrun,  I believe we have 2 teams with Jeff, Nick, Greg and Myself on one.  And maybe Jade, Adelynn and two others on the second?  (not sure).

Jacqui is inquiring after anyone else interested.  I think any 4 people can be a team, although categories are all women, all men or 2 and 2. In other words, no 3/1 split teams can “win” anything.  But it is not too late to sign up, either as a team or as an individual.   Please see me or Jacqui if you’d like to run on a team.


WOD for Tuesday 9-25-12

September 25, 2012

In addition to our ascending sets of 3 strict ring dips/strict pullups, prior to that lets re tune some of our Olympic Lifting Movments:

7×1 Snatch Balance  Video HERE.

7×1 Tall Snatch Video HERE

Both of these movements “for Quality” so, form over load, you should get plenty of work on the Dips/Pullups.  Stay STRICT.  I went 80 reps, and the temptation to kip/swing/spazz out is STRONG.  Dont be THAT guy (or Girl).  Stay strict and get the right motor pattern. 


WODS for the week of 9/23 to 9/27

September 23, 2012

So, in some way, consider this week an additional test of the Wendler Strength Cycle you just concluded.  Whereas last week you compared 1 rep max efforts, much of this week we’ll see if your strength focus also translates into an improvement on some of our more intense metcons.  go back and reference these workouts and come in knowing your loads and times so that you KNOW how you compare.  If you aren’t keeping track of what you;re doing you are limiting your progress significantly.

MONDAY-  From 6-18-12

5 Rounds (capped at 10 minutes) for time of

8 Back Squats 225/145   (scale to 145/115 or lower)

8 Push Jerks 135/95  (scale to 95/65 or lower)

The athlete will complete his/her squats, change the weights and resume the workout on the same bar with the designated push jerk poundage.

TUESDAY- From 6-15-12

In 8 Minutes, Ascend by threes  ( 3,3/ 6,6/ 9,9 etc)  through

Strict Ring Dips (scale to pushups)

Dead Hang Strict Wide Grip Pullups (Hands outside shoulder width)


Our last and final Tiki Bar Run.  PR that shit and we’re out.

Thursday From 6-12-12

For Quality/Weight.  5×3 Touch and Go Cleans.   Bar must contact the ground but not lose momentum.

Friday From 6-4-12

100 Double Unders

90 Air squats

80 Situps

70 Pushups

60 Kettlebell Swings

50 Box Jumps (touch the ground)

400 m run

30 overhead press with a plate 45/

20 burpees

10 deadlifts at 225/155


Running Wod at Ashley HS track Warmups 10 am Starters gun at 10:30

September 22, 2012

From CBR, go over three speedbumps and bear to your right.  There are multiple fields so it can be confusing.  Look for CFCB gold shirts.

the WOD is 2 mile run with 10 burpees every 1/4 mile.  1 Start time at 10:30 so arrive with enough time to warm up and go.  Immediately after, the CFCB sponsored Girls Under Nine Soccer team (coached by Abby F.) is planning on extending it’s winning streak against “The Helpless Victims” coached by our own, misguided Melody D.  come out and yell obscenities at the opposition.