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Wod For Wednesday 10-31-12

October 31, 2012

Dear Friends- Day 1 is in the books.  Thank you all for following us through our venue change.  Much has yet to be done, and I thank you for your patience as we work the kinks out.

Speaking of kinks…Please be advised our shower water pressure is at about 10% of appropriate capacity.   The building owners have been made aware, and I hope to have this situation resolved tomorrow.  Please check back before you bring your towel and need to shower post workout/pre workday.


Strength: On a 5-5-5-5 tempo

2×3 Snatch Grip Deadlift

2×3 Standard Deadlift

2×3 Sumo Deadlift

The tempo Controls are set purposely slow specifically to avoid injury.  Dont sacrifice form and dont rush your rep in order to do more weight.  5 seconds up. 5 Seconds at the top.  5 Seconds down. 5 Second break/pause to reset at the bottom.

Work-  Amrap in 8 minutes Push Jerk/Box Jump Ascending 3’s

So. 3 Push Jerks, 3 Box Jumps, then 6 and 6.  Then 9 and 9.  And so on for 8 Minutes.

NOTE:  Thai Boxing Conditioning is Suspended for this week only.  We should resume next wednesday.

Please forgive my not joining you in these wods.  I am stretched between prepping this space and bringing our old space back up to the condition I received it in.  No mean feat after two years of abuse from James P and Shane SS.   Also, I am very aware that people are eager to do rope climbs and muscle ups.  I am trying to configure those arrangements asap. Above all other concerns, these devices need to be safe for all, therefore I must be more cautious than rapid.
Lastly, many of you pitched in on Monday to help;  Abby, Larry, Mike, Rick, Jessica and others I am likleey forgetting.  Thank you all.  Your assitance is very appreciated.


WOD for Tuesday 10-30-12 Regular Schedule in effect.

October 30, 2012

6am Open Gym

Class at 7am, 1230, 130, 5, 6 & 7pm

Wod is
2 minutes per station for max reps.

Station 1- Med Ball Throw-  Any sort of throw, but no walking or rolling.  Every toss across the blue line = 1 rep.  50/40  Scale 40/30.

Station 2- Back Squat 185/115 Scale 135/95.

Station 3- Ring Dips. Scale Ring Pushups

Station 4- Hang Clean 155/105  Scale, 125/80

Station 5- Pullups.  Scale with Band assistance.
Score is max reps for 2 cycles.  Running clock.  Rest 5 minutes between cycles.


The gym is now functional, but remains a work in progress with much to be done.  Please pardon our appearance during the next two weeks, but WELCOME TO YOUR NEW, IMPROVED GYM.

This will be fun!


Move update, and schedule for Monday 10-29-12

October 29, 2012

First and foremost, thanks to all who came out.  Today, Adelyn, Lisie, Jade, Kathleen, Marshall, Matt, Stephen and Thomas W and Jeff K, all helped with making great progress today.  Together, we were able to lay out the floor mats, move and place the equipment, re-assemble the squat racks, and construct your new pullup rig.   The fact that you gave up some of your free time is very appreciated.

All that said, we’re really not at a point where I feel comfortable opening for business proper.  Too much has yet be addressed including drilling the rig down, staining the oly platform stripe, painting wallball targets, and configuring how to mount ropes and rings.  The bathrooms are still a hot mess of construction materials and a hundred little things have to happen before we’re functional.  Therefore tomorrow, monday the 29th we will be on the open gym format from 1:30 to 7pm. Apologies to the early AM’s and 1230, but I will be at Lowe’s/Home Depot/Tractor Supply and our old location for things various and sundry most of the am.

So, still a work in progress, but if you can make it in, come by and kick the tires, take a pullup or two.



MOVING SCHEDULE UPDATE– As of Sunday 9:45 am

October 27, 2012

Floors are dry.  We are a go for 1pm.  The plan is to lay down the floor matts.  Move the equipment from the unfinished unit next door into our unit and assemble/place it.  Then set up the pullup rig.   Hoping to resolve things by 4 or 5 pm.  All hands welcome. PT’s thereafter for anyone who wants to join in.
Special Thanks to Jim K, Matt, Jeff, Daryl and Marcos for their assistance yesterday mid-storm.


GoodBye Boardwalk, it was fun….

October 26, 2012

Two years ago, not quite to the day, CFCB opened its doors at 9 S. Pavilion on the Boardwalk in Carolina Beach.  A handful of you knew us from days prior at The Wilmington Athletic Club, but most of you started with us at this location.  Please know that Whitney and I are always very grateful that you choose to spend your time, effort and money with us.  We’ve had a great time a 9 South, and I hope you can say the same.

Allow me to close our time on CB with this retrospective slideshow.  Apologies for not being able to find photos of everyone.

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Wod For Friday and a tentative move schedule.

October 26, 2012

Technique-  10 Minutes to establish a 1 rm Hang Power Snatch

Work-for time

75 Situps

25 Hang Power Cleans at 155/105

75 Grasshoppers


Moving Schedule:  Please be advised of the following timetable.  Any help is appreciated, but none is necessary.


Sat 10 am-  We will break down the gym.  This includes dissassembling the pullup bars, un bolting the bolted matts, breaking down the larger equipment pieces.  At around 1130/12 noon we will move the floor matts and some bigger equipment pieces to the new location and therafter layout the floor.  Food and beer at 2pm.


Sunday 10 am-  We will bring the remainder of the equipment (kettlebells, wallballs, boxes, bars, odds and ends) and install the equipment in the new space.  Additionally we hope to assemble and install your new pullup rig and potentially paint some wallball markers on our new, sick black walls.


It has been a long and frustrating process, but get psyched!  The worst is behind us and the new space will be VERY cool.


WOD for Thursday 10-25-12

October 25, 2012


3×5 Close Grip Bench Press



For time

500 m row

400 m run

300 Jump Rope Singles

200 m backwards run

100 Air Squats