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Announcements for December. Get FREE CrossFit.

November 30, 2012


Two new aspects to CFCB as of Monday dec 3.

First, I am pleased to announce the “soft ” opening of Carolina Beach Athletic Development.  This is a related but separate entity operating within our facility, whose focus (as the name implies) is on athletic development aimed at younger athletes.  For the month of December, as we experiment with formats and work the kinks out, there is NO CHARGE AND NO OBLIGATION. Monday Wednesday and Friday we will be offering 45 minute classes at 330 (8 to 12) and 415 (12 to 18) to any interested parties.  These classes are non competitive, and focused on broad, general athletic development.  Basically, how to run, jump, throw and lift.  Jim K, Abby and Brock are the initial coaching staff.

Also kicking off Dec 3rd.  an 8 week olympic lifting focus.  Very much like our past efforts with Wendler Strength bias, this will be a program whose focus is consistent exposure to the Snatch on Monday, the Clean and Jerk on TH  we will still do work capacity/metcons following the Oly liting periods.

Lastly, please assist me in our membership drive!  You may or may not be aware that if you refer a friend who joins CFCB you get a free month of CrossFit.  A satisfied member is my greatest advocate and your positive word of mouth holds much more sway than any ad campaign I could devise.  Well, for the month of December the deal is twice as good!  Any new member that joins on your referral gets you 2 months free!  So NOW is the time to nag your friends.  2013 will see our rates bounce to $125/month, but for as long as I can, I will grandfather old rates in for longstanding members.  So please push hard on your friends RIGHT NOW.  Better for them, Better for you!


Wod for thursday 11/29/12

November 29, 2012

Strength/ Tech

15 minutes for load.  Snatch cycle as follows;

1 snatch grip deadlift

1 hang shrug

1 hang shrug + elbows high and outside

1 hang power snatch

1 hang full snatch

2  minutes max reps/ 1 minute rest between actions

1- Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

2- Seated Tire Drag    Tire + 40/ Tire

3- Situps

4- KB Thrusters   2×53/35lbs

5- Row for max calories


Five separate scores.


WOD For Wednesday 11-28-12

November 28, 2012

5 Minutes on Push Jerk Technique (Accelerate your leaning curve HERE) Note how small his initial dip is.  Not a big deal.  Dont make this bigger than it needs to be.


Overhead Split Squat 3×5 Right and Left Alternating.


Find Your 1 RM Split Jerk

Addendum-  Anyone wanting more, please complete 10 seated tire drags.  Women tire.  Men tire + 40lbs.

Thai Boxing Conditioning at 130.

PS-  if you’re at all interested in advancing your Thai Boxing, please be aware of our new member Brian Tyle, who has extensive coaching experience both in the States and in Thailand.  Hit me up if you;re interested and I’ll put you in touch.


Waiting to hear back from Custom Fit Meals re: becoming a drop off point.  Will keep you posted.




Wod for Tuesday 11/27/12

November 27, 2012


AMRAP IN 20 minutes

5 pull-ups, 10 I push-ups, 15 squats 


Wod for Monday. Be advised: 6am and 5 pm ONLY.

November 26, 2012

Tech: 5 minutes tire flip

Work: max rep tire flip in 1 minute.  

Work 2: 50-40-30-20-1kettlebell swings. End of every round 5 handstand push-ups.  Scale to 1 30 second handstand Hold 


Pentathlon results and schedule announcements

November 24, 2012

First off, thanks to all who participated in our first annual Thanksgiving Pentathlon!  It was fun to see some guests from across town and out of town both.  Feedback on the events is very welcome, be it good or bad.  Please let me know what you liked and disliked, in the comments

Here are your results

3 rep max–Sp/Fs/Clean

Nick M 100  (700lbs total)

Dave 60, Scott 56, Jeff 76, Jim 66, Albert 75, Nick R. 88

Adelynn 100 (410 lbs total)

Rebecca 81, Dawn 89 (scaled to different lifts),  Sarah 64, Lili 53, Kathleen 79, Michaela 65.

Tire/SandBag Couplet

Nick 100 M. (141 seconds)

Nick R. 66, Dave 71, Jim 72, Jeff 78, Scott 58, Albert 94, Brian 64, Don 62.

Rebecca 100 (175 seconds)

Lilil 66, Sarah 82, Adelynn 96, Dawn 80, Michaela 81


Jeff 100 (61 combined seconds/reps)

Dave 67, Nick 67, Nick R. 37, Jim 77, Scott 77, Albert 59, Brian 21

Rebecca 100 (31 combined seconds/reps)

Adelynn 4, Lili 38 (scaled), Sarah 9, Dawn 67, Michaela 25, Kathleen 32

Burpee Box Jumps

Scott 100 (29 reps)

Dave 82, Jim 93, Jeff  96, Brian 34, Albert 72, Nick M 89, Nick R. 55

Adelynn 100 (25)

Rebecca 96, Dawn 78, Michaela 84, Lili 48, Sarah 32

Med Ball Throw

Nick 100 (13)

Nick R. 69, Albert 69, Scott 30, Jim 53, Dave 38, Jeff 61, Don 7, Brian 8

Adelynn 100 (4)

Sarah 50

Lili 0

Michaela 0

Dawn 50

Rebecca 50

Individual Totals:

Nick M- 456, Jeff K 411, Jim 371, Dave 318, Brian 180 (4 events), Nick R 315, Albert 369, Scott 321, Don 69 (2 events)

Rebecca 427, Adelynn 400, Lili 205, Sarah 237, Kathleen 111 (two events) Michaela 255, Dawn 364 (3 rep max scaled to alternate lifts)


Congrats to all particpants.  Special recognition to Lili (Pronounced Lilly, not Lee-Lee) who gamed up and competed despite being only a week in.


Schedule Issues:  A death in the family demands that Whitney and I travel to CT for Sat, Sun, and Monday.   Saturday open gym remains.  Monday we will offer only two classes:  6am with Jade and 5pm with Abby.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but death comes for us all.







Thanksgiving Pentathlon events announced. NOTE 10 am to 12 noon.

November 22, 2012

Athletes complete the following events in any order:

A–  9 minutes to complete your 3 rep max in 1.) Shoulder Press 2.)Front Squat 3.) Clean

B– Max reps in two minutes of Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″

C– Seated Tire Row/Sandbag Get Up Couplet

D– Ball Throw to target.  Max Reps in 2 Minutes    30/20/14 , 20/14/10

E– L-Sit/Pushup couplet-  Max hold + Max Unbroken Single Attempt

The winning athlete is awarded 100 points.  Every athlete below the winner is awarded points based on his/her percentage of work vs the winning athlete.  Example.  If Daryl wins Event A with  total barbell lifts of 500lbs and I lift 450,  Daryl gets 100 points, I get 95.  If I had lifted 300 lbs, my score would have been 60.

The only time constraint is the need to be finished by noon.  Come on out.  Work off your future gluttony.

EDITS  as of 7:30 PM

Highly Suggest an early arrival to allow for recovery between events.  The judging standards will be competition level, but the atmosphere is not that intense.  All skill and experience levels can and should come out.  I will walk through all the events at 10 am and again at 10:45.  If you dont want to compete, but have always wanted to criticize people with a passive-aggressive “no rep”, we can definitely use your services!