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WOD for Thursday 1-31-13

January 31, 2013

Thursday-  AMRAP in 20 Minutes — 50 Double Unders, 40 Situps, 30 Grasshoppers, 20 Toes to Bar, 10 Lateral Cone Contacts

This is adjusted UP to AMRAP in 20 up from 15, and reposted so that the comments are a little less crowded.  Three days of wods is bogging down the comments section.


WODS for the Week

January 27, 2013

Back to regular format this week.  I’m eager to hear your opinion on last week’s format.The advantage to giving you, the athlete, your choice among five workouts is that doing so eliminates equipment bottlenecks, opening up the toolbox to some degree.  For example, if the workout was “max tire flips in 5 minutes” you’d have to queue up one at a time, making completion impossible for a crowded class.  The downside is a general lack of direction and cohesion which may strike some people as less fun than when the whole class does the same thing.  If you have an opinion please DO comment.

WODS for the week

Monday– 10 Minutes for max reps.  Consecutive Bench Press Reps (bodyweight/  2/3 Bodyweight) , Consecutive Pullups.  Rest as long as you like between sets but you must move from one to the other action when you miss. (This will likely demand two or three groups. Apologies in advance if there’s some delay).

Tuesday-  (70 degrees projected) Kelly–  3 or 5 RFT of 400m run, 30 Box Jumps 24/20″, 30 Wallballs 20/14.  In my opinion, KELLY at the prescribed 5 rounds, is too long, but at 3 rounds is perfect.  You have the option today.  Obviously at 3 rounds your pacing should be more aggressive per round.  FYI- I will be doing 3 rounds.

Wednesday–  DT  5 RFT of 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Cleans, 6 Push Jerks 155/105.

Thursday-  AMRAP in 15 Minutes — 50 Double Unders, 40 Situps, 30 Grasshoppers, 20 Toes to Bar, 10 Lateral Cone Contacts

Friday– (last performed on 11-13-12) Athlete’s Choice except for the buy-in and cash out.

25 Burpee Buy In

5 Rope Climbs

10 Deadlifts at 275/155

15 Shoulder press @ 135/95

20 Front Squats @ 135/95

25 Calorie Row

30 Wallballs at 30/20

25 Reverse Burpees–Cash Out





WOD for Friday 1-25-13

January 25, 2013

Skill- Hang Power Snatch

WOD- Last Metcon off the board.  You’ve ducked it all week…


WOD for thursday 1-24-13

January 24, 2013

Skill work- Handstand Mounts

Metcon thereafter.  Not many of you have done AMRAP 15 of 15 Wallballs, 10 Crossover pushups….  That is a mental challenge for sure.  4 Rounds is easy, 6 is hard, 8 is something else…


WOD for Wednesday 1-23-12

January 23, 2013


Skill- Double Unders

Wod-  Select from the Workout board.


Recall, 6am is open but uncoached.  If you need/want instruction, come to 7 am or the afternoon/evening sessions.


Tuesday 1-22-13 Skill work: planked kip. Test out. Open gym at 9

January 22, 2013

Regular schedule applies.   Test out and then pick one of the five metcons.


Monday Schedule Change. WODs for the Week.

January 21, 2013

For Martin Luther King Day we will NOT be open for 6am (some of you may not know this, but Dr. King was a big fan of the late starting workday), but all other classes will proceed as scheduled.   So 7, 1230, 130, 5 and 6pm are on per normal.

This week is the conclusion of our 8 week Olympic Lifting Cycle.  I am curious to see what becomes of your one rep maxes.  Our noise issues with the PA practice next door were such that I altered the programming to some degree and we spent a fair amount LESS time with heavy loaded full movements than I would have liked.

In order to give your best effort, rather than demand a certain lift in a certain order at a given time, we will ask you to test out any time over the next two days.  So, you can treat it like an Olympic Lifting Meet and go Snatch first, C&J 2nd  on the same day, or you can split it up over two days, putting whichever one you like first.  But lets try to wrap up max efforts by Tuesday.

Thereafter, the programming will, for the next 4 weeks, be very Metcon heavy.  This will take you through the conclusion of the diet contest, but it’s valid training for everyone, contest participant or otherwise.  While a steady diet of metcons is hard, it’s not your best bet over the long haul, but for this short window it’ll be our focus and then in late February we’ll resume a more comprehensive Strength Bias/Metcon/Technique split with Wendler or a similar strength program.

This week, the format will be very different.  After the warmup, I’ll spend ten minutes working a different high demand skill/technique from the CrossFit toolbox.  If you arent proficient in the day’s skill, you should spend that time with me.  If you’re already good at it, you’re free to work something on your own.

Skill work

M- Box Jump

T- Kipping Swing (for Pullups and Toes to Bar)

W- Double Unders

TH- Handstands/Handstand Mounts

F- Power Snatch

Thereafter, each day you are free to choose from among the five metcons below.  The goal would be to do one a day Monday through Friday.

#1 From 6-28-12 and again from 9/23–27/12

5 Rounds (capped at 10 minutes) for time of

8 Back Squats, 8 push Jerks   @ M 225&135  W 145/95.  The athlete will complete his/her squats, change the weights and resume the workout on the same bar with the designated push jerk poundage.

#2- From 6-15-12 and again from 9/23–27/12

In 8 Minutes, Ascend by threes  ( 3,3/ 6,6/ 9,9 etc)  through

Strict Ring Dips (scale to pushups)

Dead Hang Strict Wide Grip Pullups (Hands outside shoulder width)

# 3 Nancy  From 9-6-11 (although I know we’ve done it since then?)

5 Rounds for time of

400 m run, 15 Overhead squats at 95/65

#4  Jackie  Up and Down

For Time: Row 1k, 50 Thrusters 45/30,  30 Pullups,  50 Thrusters 45/30, Row 1k.

#5 Wallballs/Pushup Couplet

12 Minute AMRAP 15 Wallballs  20/14, 10 Crossover Pushups