WOD for Thursday 1-31-13

January 31, 2013

Thursday-  AMRAP in 20 Minutes — 50 Double Unders, 40 Situps, 30 Grasshoppers, 20 Toes to Bar, 10 Lateral Cone Contacts

This is adjusted UP to AMRAP in 20 up from 15, and reposted so that the comments are a little less crowded.  Three days of wods is bogging down the comments section.



  1. Extra special congrats to Adelynn. TOTD two days in a row on very different workouts. Well done Adelynn!

    • Hell yes!!! That is so awesome!!!!

    • Way to go Adelynn!!!

      • thanks guys!

  2. 2 rounds + 150 singles+40sit ups+3 grass hoppers

  3. 2 + 17 DUs. Scaled t2b
    Impressive Adelyn!

  4. 3 full rds + 33du rx

  5. 2 rounds + 10 DUs

    I think I am finally getting better at grasshoppers. I don’t seem to be getting better at T2B.

  6. 2 rounds +27 sit ups rx…..lost 9 lbs so far for the diet challenge.

  7. 2 rounds +14 grasshoppers
    Singles & knee lifts w/ good swing

  8. 1 full round and 5 lateral’s short of the second round. I suck at Double Unders but, I went through the 50. Had to mix in some single/doubles but, I didn’t count the singles.

  9. 2 rounds + 41 dus rx’d – t2b took the longest – I’d like to try this one again

  10. 2 rounds plus 35 DU’s rx’d
    If only I’d looked at the board I could’ve pushed a little harder and gotten ONE DU more than Jacqui 🙂

  11. 3 rounds and 8 double unders

  12. 2+21 situps.
    singles and some valiant attempt at toe to bar.

  13. Subbed step downs from tire for sit-ups.
    2 rounds plus 38 step downs. Scaled t2b and singles.

  14. 3 rounds plus 50 doubles and 11 situps. Abs– destroyed.

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