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WOD for Friday and PS-Stop Cheating!

February 28, 2013

When post WOD conversation is all about so and so’s ridiculous disparity between their self professed “score” and their actual workload, and no one is even surprised anymore, then It’s clearly time for my bi-annual STOP CHEATING rant.

The scoring aspect of CrossFit is usually a blessing, but sometimes a curse.  Here’s the absolute bottom line:  In House (not competitions) Scoring is good to chart your own progress, and bad when it becomes a comparison between your performance and some guy/girl next to you.  

I have long stated that cheating in CrossFit gets you booted straight to the 8th Circle of Hell in the afterlife.  One small step above Goldman-Sachs VP’s, and on par with child molesters.  Our own man of God, Jeff K. recently confirmed this for me, and he should know.  

Here’s a few reasons why:

Cheating throws off your own ability to chart your progress.  Your FRAN with Shorted pullups that was 45 seconds faster than your legit FRAN, is probably representative of a greater total workload.  BUT, because you cheated, now we dont know.

Cheating discourages and frustrates other people.  Lets say two women, comparable in age and body and circumstance start CrossFit at the same time.  Lets call the Honest one Suzie and the cheater Sherri.  Suzie makes decent gains through honest hard work.  Her strength improves a lot in the first month, a little less in the second month, by the third month her progress continues but it’s slower, not every WOD is better than the last etc.  This is a normal pattern consistent with a healthy adult who works hard, comes often etc.  Our cheater, Sherri, has the same results through month two, but as her progress slows in month 3, she starts to cheat.  she now knows how the class works and she shaves a rep here and there.  Her times and scores continue to get “better” while Suzie’s do not.  Suzie conclusion is “CrossFit works great for SOME people but it’s not working FOR ME, I’m going to try ZUMBA.”  She quits CFCB, tells two friends who then dont join, and now I cant afford to feed my 5 dogs…

Cheating Makes People Hate You.  Which just further fouls the air.  Cheaters, be advised that people know what’s going on.  When you start action XYZ well behind someone, and finish a fair amount ahead of them, you had better be really adept at that action.  And soon enough two good non-cheaters leave the gym talking about the audacity of the cheater, and one says to the other, “I’m sick of that cheater, Let’s go to the rec center!”  and now I cant afford to feed my 5 dogs…


Shorting reps is the most common form of cheating. So saying you did 20 wallballs when you only did 17.  Shorting your range and counting it anyway is a close second.  During our recent HELEN, I inadvertently and unknowingly missed clearing the bar on a few butterfly pullup reps and didnt catch it till the end of the set.  Whitney called me out as short and in my hurry to run out the door for the next round I didnt make those reps up as I should have.  So I tacked on 15 seconds to my score and noted it as such.  And frankly, I shouldve just stopped, returned to the bar and made them up then and there.  That would have been competition standard.  But to just shrug off the short reps and record my time as is would have been inexcusable cheating on a Named WOD (9th circle of hell stuff there).

Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

OK-  Rant over.  WOD for Friday

3×5 Clean.  Full set up each rep as opposed to touch and go.  

2×8 Clean Grip Deadlift for load

2×8 Clean pulls for completion

Work-  backwards tire drag.  Guys 8 lengths/Girls 5 lengths.




WOD for Thursday 2-28-13

February 28, 2013

Strength: 4×8 Overhead Squat for technique/load.

Strength 2:  12 Minutes Split Jerk. Work to the heaviest single you can land with a clean catch.

Work: EMOM 10 Minutes- 1 Hang Split Snatch Right, 1 Hang Split Snatch Left, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch. Record your heaviest successful completed cycle.


WOD for Wednesday 2-27-13

February 27, 2013

Strength-  4×8 Pullups.  Dead Hang, Full Stop.  Use whatever is necessary to come close to fatigue at 8 reps, be it extra resistance, asssitance, etc

Work-  Following a format similar to 1-17-13

Against a 15 Minute clock, Perform as written-  Run 400m.  50 Wallballs (20/14).  50 Double Unders.  50 Kettlebell Swings (24/16).  Sumo deadlifts  at 225/155 with any time remaining.


Complete WOD for Tuesday 2-26-13 AND links to multiple events/competitions.

February 26, 2013

Bench press 4×8 (close grip is an option if you prefer it)

Ring Dips 3×5  Tempo 3-2-x-1  Use as much assistance as necessary to adhere to the tempo.

Work- AMRAP in 7 Minutes

5 CrossOver Pushups

10 Floor to overhead with a Weight plate 45/25

15 Situps


I’m very pleased to see some of you slowly take steps toward entering some fitness competitions.  This is highly encouraged and a natural evolution of what you are doing in CFCB sessions.  Competition and unusual/unpredictable venues are entirely consistent with CrossFit’s  greater philosophy of preparing for the unknown, the unknowable,  and the new.  If you’re interested, take the plunge!  If you;re not sure, please ask and if I can I’ll fill you in.

With the diet contest behind us, competition season rolls in right behind it.  We have the Garage Games Series in Myrtle Beach, The Low Tide 5 and 10 k runs. March Madness at CFW and The CrossFit Games Open Series begins in 11 days.   There’s also sure to be multiple obstacle and mud runs and the Brave Soldier Challenge Series starts up again soon.

here are some links to the most immediate.

CF Games Registration–

Garage Games RIVER RUCKUS in Asheville April 6 and 7–

Garage Games in Myrtle Beach  April 20-21.  (this is the one Adelynn,  Jade, Kate, Wendy and possibly Abby are signed up for.  I may or may not compete, but will definitely go)

Low Tide Run  March 16th-  Registration Page

March Madness at CFW  ALSO March 16th-




Wod for Monday 2-25 & Strength WODS for the week.

February 26, 2013

Please, before you read further, take some time and determine some way to record your scores.  I suggest here on the site, but somewhere is absolutely necessary to get the most out of this program.



Strength– Back Squat 4×8 for total load across all reps.

Assistance Movement- 3×5 Front Squat ( 3-2-x-1 tempo)

Work– “T-Rex”-  3 rft of 15 Hang Cleans @ 135/95,  15 Burpees.


Strength- 4×8 Bench Press or Close Grip Bench Press

Assistance Movement– 3×5 Ring Dip (3-2-x-1 tempo)


TBD-Weather permitting we will run some


Olympic Movement- 1- 4×8 Overhead Squat

Olympic Movement 2-  12 Minutes Push Jerk.  Work to a Heavy Single.


Strength- Clean 4×5

Assistance Movement- a)Clean Grip deadlift 4×5/  b) Clean Grip ballistic shrug.


Open Gym, SICK deadlift results, and THE AWARDS CEREMONY.

February 23, 2013

Open Gym is 10 to 12.  Come out and do your own thing.

Deadlift results were very surprising, in a GREAT way.  Despite not doing the actual lift,  many PR’s in both genders.  Girls: Maggie destroyed 225! Andrea at 200.  Little Michelle at 170 and even littler Brittni at 150!  A bunch of the more experienced girls in the 230-250 range, and Adelynn becomes the first CFCB female lifter to break 300.  Guys repped by Don White at 350, Brian and Cam at 375.  Cedric at 345, Rick at 355, Albert at 415 won the day !  And we’re missing a lot of our heavier hitters, with Jim K, Nick, Geoff and Matt all not participating for various reasons/conflicts/travel etc.

Some of you know I am very interested by a coach out of VA named Rudy Nielsen who runs OUTLAW CrossFit.  When he guested in the summer of 2011 he suggested we clean more and deadlift less (supported at length HERE)  and I have ever since biased the programming that way and it seems to have worked pretty well.

AWARDS CEREMONY/PARTY  kicks off at 730.  Feats of strength at 830.  Awards at 9pm.  I have seen the pictures and am predicting a very tight race.  Lots of good improvement.

Recall, any food/booze contributions are welcome.  Be able to get somewhere safely at the end of the night.

Kate’s house is  918 Coast Walk lane map  here



WOD for friday 2-22-13

February 22, 2013

10 Minutes-Warmup/ Discussion of Deadlift intensities, precautions, contraindications.

15 Minutes-Establish a 1rm Deadlift or Sumo deadlift

15 Minutes- 4×8 Deadlift for load.

Work Capacity- to be determined.  Ballpark 10-15 minutes.