WOD for Friday 2-1-13

February 1, 2013

Friday– (last performed on 11-13-12) Athlete’s Choice except for the buy-in and cash out.

25 Burpee Buy In

5 Rope Climbs

10 Deadlifts at 275/155

15 Shoulder press @ 135/95

20 Front Squats @ 135/95

25 Calorie Row

30 Wallballs at 30/20

25 Reverse Burpees–Cash Out



  1. 22:02 with 50# SP 135# DL. Down 2.5 min from November

  2. 18:58 Rxd
    Last time 21:01 Rxd

  3. 21:30 RX’d. The Shoulder press were a major slow down factor for me. Would have loved more deadlifts though. 😀

  4. 25:36
    DL- 135
    FS- 80
    14lb wallball

  5. 22:01 – scaled SP to 60lbs, 1st rope climb rx’d & had a sharp pain in shoulder, scaled the rest – all else rx’d

  6. 20:50 Scaled to 225 on deadlifts (WAYYYY SORE)

    This is about 40 seconds faster than last time, but probably just worked my way through the actions smarter this time.

  7. 24:04 Scaled shoulder press to 60lbs all else was Rx’d
    I can’t find where I documented this last time. Im pretty sure I did it but no time to compare. Booo!

  8. 19:17 RX, last time was 23:51. Didn’t realize I improved that much initially so now I’m psyched! 12 less lbs of jiggle to haul around.

    • Honey booboo calls if fajiggavajaggle.

  9. 17:46 scaled SP to 115
    Same weights as Nov but 38 seconds faster. I gotta get the shoulders stronger.

  10. 21:57 subbed 20 25#back ext. for the 10DL and 60# SP. and scaled rope. Someday rope, someday! (insert angry old man fist shake.)

  11. Today was my 20th anniversary at PPD. My day started at 7am and ended at 7pm with no lunch break —- way to stick it to me PPD!!!

    Will try to get out of bed tomorrow and do that WOD at open gym.

    • Congratulations. My wife has 10 in and I made it 7 before I flew the coup.

  12. 22:13 RX! Yea Baby PB
    Last time was scale 225 dead lift and time was 25 min

  13. 22:13 RX!!! PB

    Last time was scale dead lift 225 and time 25

  14. 29:06 — about 2 minutes slower than last time. Scaled SP to 70lbs and the rope climb.

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