WOD for Monday 2-4-13 and Tuesday 2-5-13

February 4, 2013

50 Bar Facing Burpees

40 Hang Power Snatches

30 Push Press

20 Reverse Lunges (Barbell in the front rack)

25 Bar facing Burpees

20 Hang Power Snatches

15 Push Press

10 Reverse Lunges (Barbell in Front Rack)

Barbell actions rxd at 95/65.   First scale is down to a Hang Power Clean vs a Hang Power Snatch,  THEN scale the weight if necessary.  Add one rep for every barbell drop.  Therefore, if I drop the bar 3x on my way to 40 HPS’s I must do 43 before I advance to 30 Push Presses.

This workout caps at 20 minutes.

TUESDAY 2-5-13

For time

25 Back Squats @ 185/135

25 Front Squats @ 135/95

25 Overhead Squats @ 95/65

25 Thrusters at @ 95/65

Rest 10 minutes

100 Pushups for time.



  1. 175 reps Rxd in the 20 min cap
    Hang snatches sucked, had to add 6 reps
    Push press had to add 1 rep

  2. 143 reps (1 full round and 3 burpees) at RX. I am nursing a sore left thigh so the lunges were terrible.

  3. 135, hang cleans instead of snatches

  4. 142 Rx’d. Shoulders were pretty exhausted.

  5. 153 w/cleans. the push press and i are not friends today.

  6. 165 reps RX
    I had Geoff and Nick next to me so I had no choice but to suffer and push hard. Thanks to Whitney for the extra pushing at the end!
    Finished up with 100 sit ups before leaving

  7. 176 rxd
    Had to drop hang snatch 4 times, push press twice.
    Adelynn KILLED it!!

  8. 140 reps with HPC, BUT…I still had 2 reverse lunge penalties to do when the clock ran out. I was so glad when I finished the 50th burpee!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD.

  9. I was 1946, and wobbly for a good 30 minutes afterwards. Geoff was 1840-something and Nick was 1731.

  10. 150 at 50 lbs and “CrossFit mom” burpees. I did still jump over the bar. Belly does not allow for real burpees anymore. Sad day. Not really.

  11. Tuesday’s WOD 13:37
    Finished all 100 push ups (broken up multiple sets!)

  12. bs @ 120, fs @ 85, ghd situps, thrusters @ 65 – 15:03
    100 pushups (no thighs touching) – 11:56

    Body did not want to function very well this morning…

  13. Tuesdays: 12:19 Rxd

  14. Monday 157
    Tuesday 13:17

  15. Tuesday: 21:02…I think- may have made that up…def know it was over 20
    BS- 85
    FS- 80
    OHS- 30…modified- not deep squat
    Thruster- 45

  16. Tuesday

    14:53 RX’d, honestly could’ve gotten done faster, took it a little easy. Just happy to get through it RX after how hurt my back was this weekend.

  17. 851 rxd. EMOM– BS 15-10, FS 10-10-5, OHS 25 Then as fast as possible (1:51) Thrusters 9-9-7.

    • NASTY.

      • holy crap! awesome.

  18. Tuesday’s WOD = 16:07 RX’d then 50 pushups in 3:46. I stayed and watched Brock…it was pretty impressive. Nice job Brock!!

  19. 17:18 scaled a lot. a real lot.
    my favorite part may have been Marcos taunting me that my yoga wasn’t helping me squat.
    he was right.

    • Well if its any consolation, I don’t think that my LACK of yoga is helping my crossfit either…need more flexibility!

  20. Nick in 732 i think. Adelynn 721. Jim k. In the low 8’s, backsquatting 225. Don W, a hard fought 28 minutes BUT. Rxd!!

  21. Tuesday- 11:44 rxd
    100 pushups 4:12

    Conversation with ade and melody after workout was ridiculously reminiscent of this little gem- thought id share for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Its pretty funny…

  22. Monday 147 cleans instead of snatch
    Tuesday 20:01 rx’d reeeeaaaaalllllyy long.

  23. 12:00 rx’d
    Push ups 10:40

  24. Did Tuesdays wod on 2-9-13

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