Announcements: Diet Contest Awards Ceremony and Free Stuff

February 5, 2013

We are 12 days away from the end of the 2013 Diet Contest, with some definite front runners emerging from both genders.  I encourage you to bear down and really get strict these last several days.  You will regret it if the contest comes and goes and you haven’t put your best effort into it.  There’s 46 long weeks until we do this again.

Recall that the Saturday following end of contest is our awards ceremony, and regardless of your participation or lack thereof, if you’re a CFCB member, you’re encouraged to come.  Whitney and I have held the awards ceremony at our house in the past, enjoyed it, and are happy to do so again, but if anyone else is eager to host please contact me.  Potential hosts can expect about 50 people, so bear that in mind.  It’s BYO-food and booze so we wont eat/drink you out of house and home.  That’s February 23rd.  Typically around 8pm. Two winners will get at least 2 free months of CrossFit, possibly more, and you all will get some new equipment to further your weight loss, bodyfat reducing, fitness efforts.

Also, during February CFCB members have been invited to Momentum Cycling studio (www.momentum-ride.com) for FREE.  It’s on Racine next to Nikki’s Sushi, basically a fitness studio exclusively for Spinning Indoor Cycling.  Check the schedule page, as it changes from day to day.




  1. I can’t wait for the party. Can’t offer to host 😦 1 bedroom apts aren’t really the ideal space for a party!

    I want to try out Momentum. Anyone else down?

  2. I will try it with you!!

  3. I’ll go, my friend susan teaches there. Let me know when. I need a little time to coordinate kids

    • I would love to do it too, but also would need to coordinate kids….

  4. Richard is having surgery in Chapel Hill next Wednesday so I might be missing 2-3 days of workouts depending on how long they keep him. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he gets discharged the same day or the next morning so I don’t have to miss too much gym time.

  5. I’ll try out Momentum too. Let me know when you’re going & I’ll see if I can work it out.

    Kathleen – hope everything goes well with Richard!

  6. hey! can I join in on Momentum spinning as an honorary CFCB member? I’d like to check that out and it’s near my office. so, i’m looking at attending the wednesday at noon class. can any of you ladies go then?

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