WOD for Wednesday 2-6-13

February 6, 2013

Stretch, Roll, Recover

20 consecutive minutes.  Any low impact monostructural exercise (ie …Cardio).  Row, run, walk, run backwards, jump rope, light Kettlebell swings etc. 

Then-  For Completion (no time element)

10 Wide grip pullups

10 Pullups at your strongest grip width

10 Chinups (palms facing you)

10 Mixed grip Pullups

10 Mixed Grip Pullups (opposite grip)

10 Scapular retractions (video here)



  1. Any mix of rest intervals, assistance/scaling, number of sets and so forth. Please try to achieve the total reps and preserve the order as written.

  2. We had a good time this morning at 6 am. Did some agility ladder drills and then went out front and ran 12 sprints down the parking lot. Good times. Have been missing getting some sprints in with all this cold weather.

    • Great! Way to take the initiative.

  3. Took a play out of Jade’s book and did a row/KBS reverse ladder: 500m row + 10 KBS, 400m row + 20 KBS, 300m row + 30 KBS, 200m row + 40 KBS, 100m row + 50 KBS. I was done with 10 KBS out of 50 when the 20 minute timer rang. I finished the rest, but without the clock so I have to estimate it took me about 23-25 minutes to complete. The last 50 KBS were the WORST! Thankfully Andrea did this with me.

    • Nice work Kathleen!!!

  4. Ran to Anderson Elementary & back – 2.7 miles
    Played 1 1/2 hrs tennis – can’t hold a drink without shaking – arm is shot!

    Kathleen – I’ll have to try that sometime! Looks like a good one!

    • Definitely Jacqui — you will like it!

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