Notable Dates (Diet Contest, Competitions, Certifications)– PS Open Gym 10-12noon.

February 9, 2013

Diet Contest ends Saturday 2-16-13. 10am to noon.

Those of you unable to attend need to get pictures taken BEFORE not after the deadline. 
We will have early “after” photos Thursday 2-14-13 at 230 pm and possibly one other time.  Recall that we need daylight to take the best images.

AWARDS CEREMONY is Saturday, 2-23-13, attendance is mandatory if you hope to win. Recall that all CFCB members are encourage to attend.  Please  bring a shareable  food item, your unquenched thirst and appetites, and prepare for feats of strength.  We are still looking for a potential host, with the Wilson Household still available as a fallback option.

April 20 and 21 The Vengence Games in MB, SC.  Couplets and triplets. 2 guys, 2 girls or mixed gender teams.  Get a partner and go compete.  Adelynn and Jade are in!  Click HERE.

CrossFit Games Open Registration is Live as of now.  This initial round of the annual CrossFit Games involves 5 workouts released weekly on the World Wide Web.  You then perform said workout on video or get your workout verified at a participating CrossFit affiliate, and see how you stack up to the rest of the W O R L D!  Details on registration HERE.

Our friends at CrossFit Wilmington are hosting a USAW certification (Sports Performance Coach) at their airplane hanger over by Laney High School. This is a great chance to improve your coaching and more importantly to most of you, your mechanics and technique regarding the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  This happens June 29 and 30, details to follow.





  1. We are happy to host. Wendy and I are doing the scaled division at the garage games – cant wait!

    • Kate, That is GREAT!! I am so proud of the athletes that you and Wendy have become. You are doing to do awesome!

      • Thanks Whitney! It should be fun. Per hosting we don’t have much outdoor space so if someone else’s home would work better that is fine, too. Whatever works best for everyone

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