WODs for Monday and Tuesday 2-11 and 2-12-13. Notes on “after” pictures and our awards ceremony.

February 11, 2013

This is the week!  You are encouraged to go above and beyond the WOD prescriptions in any way you think will help your Diet Contest Chances.  Some Bicep Concentration curls, or maybe some slow ab crunches with a pause at the top?  Go for it.  Other people will.

Next week we leave off the relentless metcons and turn back to sessions split among strength, skill development and work capacity. 

Monday-  From Mainsite:

2 RFT–100 Double Unders,  50 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65,  25 Toes to Bar.

Tuesday-  HELEN

3 RFT — 400 m run, 21 KBS, 12 Pullups

After Pictures:  Wed and Th 230 to 330 pm.  Saturday 10-12.

Awards Ceremony-  Kate S. steps to the plate and will host.  If memory serves she has an elevated deck that may facilitate the world’s tallest human pyramid.  Kate is in CB, so plan your drunken path home (or elsewhere) safely.  Details to be determined.  Recall that you must attend to be eleigible to win and to cast your votes.  Spouses definitely welcome!



  1. As detailed in the food logs, I had an enormous salt-filled brunch, the effects of which lingered into this workout. Debated quitting before I started, but reminded myself that life’s demands may cme at any time, not just when we are warmed up and well hydrated. Sluggish and slow throughout, staggered to a disappointing 17:40. I’m eager to take a stab at this again and would aim for something in the 12-13 range. I did like this workout. Good blend of elements/loads/reps.

    • While you “staggered to a disappointing 17:40” I was ecstatic to come within 18 seconds of your time.

  2. I will be in Vegas for the after …I have not won and that’s ok…can I still come to the party?

    • Definitely. You and all your fellow slackers, procrastinators, weak willed donut eaters, non-posters, alcoholics and carb addicts are welcomed with open arms!

  3. 23:13 RX

  4. 17:58 rxd
    First set of 100 du were unbroken!!! Yay!

    • That is super kick ass!

    • Very impressed Jeff!
      29:37 – good workout, three things I struggle with. 50lbs, scaled t2b

  5. 20:57 Rxd
    DUs and I were not on the same page…
    I did pretty good on the S2O, But I should have taken less rest. Needless to say I really suck at T2B.

    • No more T2B for me. I need to work on those sub scap retractions or something. My right shoulder hurts in the same spot that my left shoulder CONSTANTLY hurts. No good. No fucking good.

  6. I was at around 22:30 but, I had to scale things today due to rolling my ankle.

    I did 50 Situps, 50 S2O, and 25 K2B. I thought about toes to bar but, that would have incurred more of a jump and fall on my bad ankle. S2O was a terrible thing not being able to put much weight in my heel or do much of a push or jerk motion.

  7. 30:04-singles, 50lb, scaled T2B – feel like I have the swing down, hopefully can get it w/in next month or 2

    • No doubt, Michelle. The swing was looking good today!

  8. 25:47 rx’d
    I got 61 unbroken dus, most ever. It’s not an amazing 100 unbroken, but I’ll take it!

  9. 27:45 or something. i was psyched about 35 unbroken DUs.
    not so psyched at crazy slow STOs.

  10. 16:something. Felt good about DU’s and s2o’s. T2bar could use some work on cycling, especially when fatigued.

  11. 24:41 with scaled everything. Singles, 50lbs.

  12. 28:23 Rx’d
    still can’t do du consecutive so this took a bit and the s2o were suuuper long – shoulder hates when the bar has to come back down ;(

    • Your t2b looked good!!!

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