WOD for Wednesay 2-13-13

February 13, 2013

Compare to “The James P.”  last performed on 10-8-12.

HOLD 1 Dumbell 40/25  throughout the following:

Athletes can do the actions in any order,   BUT must complete the entire action before moving on.

If you set your dumbell down, you must do 10 burpees before you resume.

One programming note:  Whitney feels like the wallballs with your non dominant hand is no longer funny and takes away from the workout’s efficacy.  On the contrary,*I* think that “James Style” wallballs will be hilarious forever, and is entirely consistent with CrossFit’s philosophy of preparing for the unknown and unknowable.  So today YOU have the option to do them or ignore them.

Run 400 M

25 Floor to Overhead r

25 Floor to Overhead l

25 Box Step-ups r 20/16 (short box/tire)

25 Box Step-ups l  20/16

25 Thrusters r

25 Thrusters l

5 Wallball Shots (must be with your non-dominant hand.  Still hold the dumbell!  Good faith efforts count.  ( see above text in italics)



  1. Please recall that 6am is uncoached on wednesday.

  2. Please, no cameras this time!

  3. 17:41 RX
    Finished with 80 sit ups 4×10 20lb curls

    • Finished just after Larry but I like Kapusta I used the 45lb dumbell

      • RXd + beats Rxd Regular! Hahahaha. There’s also the matter of the interference…..

  4. 14:04-rx+ I used the 45lb dumbbell since all the 40’s were taken.
    my previous time was 12:15 with a 40lb dumbbell.

    Today was also a fairly heavy day in my Catalyst Athletics program. 83% Back Squat 5 sets of 5. Hang Cleans @ 75% 5 sets of 3, & clean deadlifts.

  5. 14:46 Rx’d last time was 17:20 so I’m happy. This is the first time in a loooong time that I actually beat an old time.
    Also, I love class at 9:15! I have my whole day ahead of me and no issues with kid schedules. If there is ever an opportunity for this class on Mon/Wed/Fri I would be all in. FYI 😉

  6. 16:00 rx’d. Faster than last time, which I had to scale to 8lbs for my right arm on the thrusters & g2o.

  7. 17:55 Rx. 1:30 faster than last time

  8. 18:30
    slower than last time. i’m assuming my 2:30 am wake up call didn’t help me.
    p.s Hey, Michaela, next time you do this don’t be such an ass–thrusters last not a great idea…

  9. 17:01 rxd but without the wall balls. I’m clumsy enough right now. That was asking for trouble. I did one and said f this.

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