Wod for friday 2-15-13. HELEN

February 15, 2013

Helen is 2 rft

400 m run

21 kb swings

12 pullups




  1. Is Helen 2 rounds or 3 rounds?

  2. 10:57 on treadmill 2% incline

    Idiot moment. Didn’t start a clock but got one started as soon as I could after I initially got off the treadmill an knew how long I was on the treadmill so I lost some time, not sure how much, but doesn’t really matter. Idiot moment number 2. On the third round did two pull-ups before I realized I forgot KBS! Wow! Not my morning!

  3. 11:40 rx

  4. 20 mins w/walking at incline 9.
    Whoo. Hoo. 6am.

  5. 9:40 Rx
    Did this in July at the boardwalk in 8:36. I will have my vengeance.

    • Jeff, I don’t know if it is just my hatred for running or the cold weather, but the run at the new gym seems longer than the boardwalk. Not to mention the change in terrain. We may be comparing Granny Smith to Gala apples here.

      • oooh….granny smith apples are too tart

      • I wonder the same thing. I’d like to measure both places to verify. I also feel like I didn’t push it as hard as I could this morning.

    • Had a 2nd date with Helen at 1:30. While I did not beat my July time, I did surpass my 7am time by almost a minute. Helen @ 1:30=8:43rx

      • It was warmer in the afternoon. My lungs suffered this morning but it was RX at 30 something degrees

  6. I think I did this at 11:37 or 11:47 this morning. First round was pretty good but, damn it was cold outside!

  7. 13:50 w/ +2 band assistance

    3 minutes faster than my non-Crossfit attempt in July at Wilmington Lady Fitness Club of America gym association yada yada where I did treadmill runs & a 6 on assisted pull-up machine which I believe means 60lbs of assistance?? 16:54

    • 11:21 RX
      Should have been under 11, no excuses should have pushed harder

  8. 13:58 rx’d & PR

    Last time I did this in 16:16, PR was 15:57 – pullups are still my slowest problem

  9. 9:01– BUT, left the gate a little early and was short on a couple butterfly’s in the first round, but didnt hear the call until the end of the set. Should have made them up then and there. Call it 9:15 with those penalties.

  10. 13:50 Rx’d
    last time i did this in 16:38 so I’m very happy! It def helped that I had to try to keep up (not that I was!) with Brock, Jeff, and Greg.

    • Sweet! Killing your old PR’s lately 🙂

    • 11:57 with +2 – pr by about 40 seconds. Chasing nick and trying not to get lapped helped

      • Nice work!!

  11. 12:15 rxd. The only other time I have this recorded it was with a row subbed for run in 13something.
    should have gone unbroken on pullups…

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