Wod for wednesday

February 20, 2013

Buy in: 75 situps

then 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

hang squat cleans 95/65


wallballs men 20lb ball to 11 ft, women 14 lb ball to ten feet


rxd is as follows: every set down/drop on the hang cleans, every dropmoff the pullup bar and every missed wallball = s 1 additional rep of that action, performed before moving on.  First scale down is eliminate the penaly reps.  Therafter, scale with load, etc.



  1. To clarify. Squat cleans and pullps need to go unbroken to avoid a penalty rep. Wallballs must ALL clear the line or you dont count the missed rep AND you add 1 rep to the total. So rest during your between action transitions.

  2. %1

  3. 28:51 lost track of rounds due being stupid and 9 total wall ball penalties but mostly stupidity.
    I will do this again for redemption on Saturday!

  4. Catalyst Athletics deload wk 4 day 3

    Work=17:37 rxd. one no rep wallball.

  5. 21:22 Rxd I believe. It’s on the board, but I forgot!

  6. 35:02 rx’d
    My inability to hold onto the $#%* pullup bar was frustrating!

  7. 32:41
    Squat cleans – slow but rx’d and no penalties
    Pullups – +2, 1 penalty each of the first 5 rounds
    Wallballs – countless misses (or maybe 10?) made them up but not the penalties so scaled

  8. 38:33 SC65lb, PU +2, WB14 lb to 9′ line

    • Your wall balls looked pretty damn good to me.

  9. jeepers. 37:?? black band, the rest rxd. i was getting penalties left and right.
    and i hurt my toe kicking the stupid wallball.
    not my finest hour.

  10. 28:04 Rx’d
    No penalties on HSC or the pull-ups. Had about 3 or 4 penalties on the wallballs

  11. 40:39 and I can say without a shadow of doubt that this was the worst WOD so far in 2013.

    RXd on the HSC and no penalties; used +3 band assistance on pullups; went RXd on the fist 6 rounds of wall balls then threw to the 10 foot line but didn’t clear it every time for the remainder of the workout. Wall balls were very frustrating. I made sure my HSC were extra good to make up for the shitty wall balls.

    Thanks to Jorie and Michaela who stayed to cheer me on the last few rounds.

  12. 1741. Barber, kapusta both faster. Nck fastest at 135b hang squat cleans.

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