Open Gym, SICK deadlift results, and THE AWARDS CEREMONY.

February 23, 2013

Open Gym is 10 to 12.  Come out and do your own thing.

Deadlift results were very surprising, in a GREAT way.  Despite not doing the actual lift,  many PR’s in both genders.  Girls: Maggie destroyed 225! Andrea at 200.  Little Michelle at 170 and even littler Brittni at 150!  A bunch of the more experienced girls in the 230-250 range, and Adelynn becomes the first CFCB female lifter to break 300.  Guys repped by Don White at 350, Brian and Cam at 375.  Cedric at 345, Rick at 355, Albert at 415 won the day !  And we’re missing a lot of our heavier hitters, with Jim K, Nick, Geoff and Matt all not participating for various reasons/conflicts/travel etc.

Some of you know I am very interested by a coach out of VA named Rudy Nielsen who runs OUTLAW CrossFit.  When he guested in the summer of 2011 he suggested we clean more and deadlift less (supported at length HERE)  and I have ever since biased the programming that way and it seems to have worked pretty well.

AWARDS CEREMONY/PARTY  kicks off at 730.  Feats of strength at 830.  Awards at 9pm.  I have seen the pictures and am predicting a very tight race.  Lots of good improvement.

Recall, any food/booze contributions are welcome.  Be able to get somewhere safely at the end of the night.

Kate’s house is  918 Coast Walk lane map  here



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