Complete WOD for Tuesday 2-26-13 AND links to multiple events/competitions.

February 26, 2013

Bench press 4×8 (close grip is an option if you prefer it)

Ring Dips 3×5  Tempo 3-2-x-1  Use as much assistance as necessary to adhere to the tempo.

Work- AMRAP in 7 Minutes

5 CrossOver Pushups

10 Floor to overhead with a Weight plate 45/25

15 Situps


I’m very pleased to see some of you slowly take steps toward entering some fitness competitions.  This is highly encouraged and a natural evolution of what you are doing in CFCB sessions.  Competition and unusual/unpredictable venues are entirely consistent with CrossFit’s  greater philosophy of preparing for the unknown, the unknowable,  and the new.  If you’re interested, take the plunge!  If you;re not sure, please ask and if I can I’ll fill you in.

With the diet contest behind us, competition season rolls in right behind it.  We have the Garage Games Series in Myrtle Beach, The Low Tide 5 and 10 k runs. March Madness at CFW and The CrossFit Games Open Series begins in 11 days.   There’s also sure to be multiple obstacle and mud runs and the Brave Soldier Challenge Series starts up again soon.

here are some links to the most immediate.

CF Games Registration– http://games.crossfit.com/video/how-register-athlete

Garage Games RIVER RUCKUS in Asheville April 6 and 7– http://www.thegaragegames.com/events/river-ruckus/

Garage Games in Myrtle Beach  April 20-21.  (this is the one Adelynn,  Jade, Kate, Wendy and possibly Abby are signed up for.  I may or may not compete, but will definitely go) http://www.thegaragegames.com/events/the-vengeance-games/

Low Tide Run  March 16th-  Registration Page http://www.lotiderun.org/register-donate/online-registration

March Madness at CFW  ALSO March 16th- https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=7095





  1. Im not signed up. I need a partner

  2. Step up for soldiers mud run link:


  3. I am in for the CF Games Open and March Madness at CFW. If able I will be doing the Brave Solider and the Step up for Soldiers. Also signed up for the June GoRuck and the Nov Tough Mudder.

    Oh.. hah.. The Charlotte Spartan Race is on March 24th. You can still join up to run with Scott, Steve and I (likely others) here. We run at 1pm.


  4. Close grip bench 145,155, 160, 160=4960

    Metcon 200reps

  5. Bench 5600
    WOD 142
    I feel like I have noodles for arms right now. It was hard driving home.

  6. CGBP: 75×8, 80×8, 85×16 = 2600
    work: 178 (2 situps shy of 6 full rounds)

  7. 85x8x4 = 2720
    Work: 182

  8. bench 95, 95, 90, 90
    work 203

    • I got a little bit excited there for a minute when I thought I beat your total score, but then I did the math….you beat me by 40lbs (sigh – I started out to light).

  9. CGBP = 2,920 (80×8, 90×8, 95×8,100×8)
    Work = 151

    • Your “too light” was the weight I used for all my sets!! Nice work Kathleen! (My strong girl)

      • Whitney above

  10. 3200

  11. 175X32 = 5600

    Work = 158

  12. BP- 8×60, 8×60, 8×60, 8×55 =1880
    RD- +2 band assistance
    Work- 165

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