Wod for Monday 2-25 & Strength WODS for the week.

February 26, 2013

Please, before you read further, take some time and determine some way to record your scores.  I suggest here on the site, but somewhere is absolutely necessary to get the most out of this program.



Strength– Back Squat 4×8 for total load across all reps.

Assistance Movement- 3×5 Front Squat ( 3-2-x-1 tempo)

Work– “T-Rex”-  3 rft of 15 Hang Cleans @ 135/95,  15 Burpees.


Strength- 4×8 Bench Press or Close Grip Bench Press

Assistance Movement– 3×5 Ring Dip (3-2-x-1 tempo)


TBD-Weather permitting we will run some


Olympic Movement- 1- 4×8 Overhead Squat

Olympic Movement 2-  12 Minutes Push Jerk.  Work to a Heavy Single.


Strength- Clean 4×5

Assistance Movement- a)Clean Grip deadlift 4×5/  b) Clean Grip ballistic shrug.



  1. Back Squat=7200
    4×8 at 225 each time

    Front squat=135, 145, 160

    Hang Clean/Burpee fun=6:55rx

  2. 4×8 back squats total 6640 up 9.2% from last Monday
    3×5 front squat tempo 1425
    WOD 9:18. I’m so freaken slow at Burpees

    • RX

  3. BS: 4320 (135 x 32)
    hang clean/burpee: 9:11 @ 65lbs

    1st tennis match of the season tonight and was worried about my shoulder so I went light. Almost quit in the 1st round after a sharp pain, but slowly stuck through it.

    • Good luck tonight Jacqui!! Hope you kick someone’s butt.

      • Thanks! My partner & I won 6-1, 6-1 in cold, windy, wet conditions!

  4. 5280 up 160 from last week

    9:11- that was pretty horrible for me. Not gonna lie.

  5. BS- 2720

    FS- 975

    Work; 9:42 @ 65lbs

    • Nice work today Michelle! I especially liked how you were smiling when Brock was giving you some HC advice during the work portion. 🙂

  6. Back Squat = 5,280 (up 160 from last week)
    4×8 at 165lbs each time.

    Front squat = 95×5, 100×5, 105×5

    Hang Clean/Burpee *not fun = 2 rounds + 1 HC @ 80lbs

    Brock/Whitney – I LOVE my new t-shirt!!! Thanks for the recognition at the post-diet contest party.

    • You earned it, Kathleen.

  7. Did shoulder press instead – 50x8x2, 50×7, 45×8.

    Work 7:14 at 80lbs. Want to redo this rx’d

  8. I have the plague. See y’all next week

    • Oh no!!! I hope you feel better very soon.

  9. 3 rft hang cleans at 135/burpees in 456.

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