WOD for Thursday 2-28-13

February 28, 2013

Strength: 4×8 Overhead Squat for technique/load.

Strength 2:  12 Minutes Split Jerk. Work to the heaviest single you can land with a clean catch.

Work: EMOM 10 Minutes- 1 Hang Split Snatch Right, 1 Hang Split Snatch Left, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch. Record your heaviest successful completed cycle.



  1. I think this was the first time I did the split snatch and it felt much better on my back than the regular movement. Is it ‘legit? As in when a wod includes a snatch movement can you do split snatch instead or no?

    • Kate, as long as they are power snatches (as opposed to squat snatches) you can split them. They are not as quick as the regular stance because you have to bring your feet back together, but they are legit. I did the majority of my hang power cleans on Monday with the split technique. It was easier on my back and I felt better doing that than splitting my feet super wide like I do when I get fatigued.

  2. Strength: 4×8 Overhead Squat = 2,440 (8×65, 8×75, 8×80, 8×85)

    Strength 2: 12 Minutes Split Jerk = 105lbs; maybe could have done another 5/10lbs, but ran out of time.

    Work: 55lbs was heaviest completed set. My technique got better with each minute.

  3. I can’t do OHS or snatch, so I did my own torture workout.

    25 GHD, then was supposed to do 10 rounds of 10 situps/10 t2b (past wod). However, that was sucking pretty bad by round 4, so I switched from t2b to grasshoppers for the next 6 rounds. Which equally sucked, but went faster.

  4. OHS 105, 115, 120, 125=3720
    Jerk 185
    Emom 95lbs

  5. 2720

  6. 75 x 32 = 2400
    115 split
    no work –

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