Strength for the Week. March 4th through 8th.

March 4, 2013

Monday’s Work Capacity will take place after the strength portion as usual and is as follows.

3 Rounds For Completion (no scoring component.  Work as intensely as safely possible)

20 Single arm KB Swings (eye level) Right Arm

rest 30 seconds

20 Single arm KB Swings (eye level) Left Arm

rest 30 Seconds

Work Capacity/Skill Development portions will continue to post the night before, but below is your strength prescription for the week.


Recurring Strength is 4×8 back squat

Supplemental Strength is 3×8 Reverse Lunge (Barbell) 3 sets per leg.


Recurring Strength is 4×8 Shoulder Press

Supplemental Strength is 3×8 Handstand Pushups

Wednesday is LYNNE:  5 Rounds for Reps of Max effort Bench Press @ Bodyweight followed immediately by max effort pullups.

Thursday is 3×5 Hang Power Snatch.  Then 12 Minutes Full Snatch attempts.


Recurring Strength is 4×8 Deadlifts

Supplemental Strength is 3×5 Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlifts



  1. How are you going to work in the Games workouts? It looks like the first is being released at 8pm our time Wednesday. Not that i plan on winning but, I do have a goal for where I want to finish this year compared to last. 🙂

    • Albert, I had thought to program the open wods on Wednesday, which would put them in the rotation exactly 1 week after they announce. Now, if you;re registered in the open, you would do them ahead of the sunday cutoff obviously. In which case, we’ll arrange that as you, the athlete, feel would serve you best. You may have to/want to adjust how your approach our regular programming to perform the open wods at your best.

  2. 5440

    Lunges 95x8x3

    • Up 160 from last week. PS. I LOVE strength cycles. I feel so focused and on track and motivated when we are doing them. Thanks Brock!!!

      • Yea, I agree. the recurring aspect makes for some visible/frequent good progress. That’s why we all MUST CHART OUR NUMBERS….

  3. Back Squat=7400 (up from 7200 last week)
    230, 230, 230, 235

    lunges 95lbs
    kbs 53lbs

  4. Looking back at my squat days I am very happy with my progress.

    Today total weight 6720. Its not big weight to a lot…I working to it!

    205x8x3, 225x8x1

    • RX on lunges and Kettle Bell (big Boy) swings

  5. BS: 135×8, 155×24 = 4800 (up from 4320)
    lunges: 45×8; 60×16

  6. BS- 8×85, 8×90, 8×90, 8×95 = 2880
    Lunges w/60lb sandbag
    Kettlebell- 16kg

  7. Did this today. 24kg KB in 6:07

  8. Back squats (WK #3; done on Thursday 7 March) = 5480 (ahem…40lbs heavier than Jade) 170×8, 170×8, 170×8, then 175×8

  9. BS – 115×8, 125×8, 135×16 = 4080
    Lunges 65, 75, 85
    no kbs

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