WOD for Tuesday 3-5-13 And Diet Contest Equipment announced.

March 5, 2013

Strength- Shoulder Press 4×8

Supplemental-  Handstand Pushups 3 sets 5 to 8 reps.  Substitute 3×3 Wall Walk-ups.

Work Capacity-  AMRAP in 12 Minutes  Max reps- Hang To Overhead 115/80, Rope Climbs.  Move from one to the other as you see fit.  Record total reps for both actions.

Regarding the equipment:  No thanks to me, but rather thanks to all the diet contest participants, we are going to pick up two additional GHD machines.  We dont use our current GHD as often as I’d like largely because 1) we only have one and 2) While it gets the job done, It’s got some flaws that make it a little harder to use/mount/adjust than it should be.  Anyway, we hope to remedy that with this latest addition.  Your contest money also paid for our most recent flat bench acquisition.

Look for that equipment to arrive in the next few weeks and we’ll break it in immediately thereafter.





  1. 2240 up 160
    Should have started heavier.
    40 Hang to overhead Rxd
    6 rope climbs
    This was not my workout.

    • I also did the KBS from yesterday with the 24kg unbroken sets in 6:07…. But I don’t think we recorded a time?

  2. 135,135,115,115 = 4000
    3×8 rx hand stand push up
    2 ropes
    38 hand over head RX

  3. Press
    105, 115, 115, 105=3520
    Up from 3160

    Metcon 7 ropes 58 hang2overhead reps Rx

  4. 1600 (up 85 I think)
    6 ropes, 33 hto at 70lbs

  5. Squat Totals a day late = 7840. 240x8x2, 245x8x2. Shoulder press (subbed dumbells to accommodate some shoulder pain) 1400. 40×8, 45x8x3.

  6. Press 105×32 = 3360
    5×3 HSPU (kept falling off the wall)

    13 Ropes
    36 S2O

    Not sure if I did good or bad on the work.

  7. SP: 50×8, 60×8, 55×16 = 1760 (up from 1680)

    played around with some handstands

    alternating tabatas: 45lbs thrusters/agility ladder for 16 rounds total

    tennis match tonight

  8. SP- 16×40, 16×35 =1200 (up from 1080)

    Hurt wrist- no HSPU

    Work- thruster (30lb)-59/agility ladder -27 tabatas with Jacqui- total reps- 86

  9. SP = 2,000 (65×8, 65×8, 60×8, 60×8)
    Top half HSPU (5,8,8)
    AMRAP in 8 minutes: 20 hang to OH @ 80lbs + 9 rope climbs (scaled)

  10. SP 65×8 60×24 = 1960
    Couple of rope climbs

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