WOD for 3-18-13. Some Competition Notes

March 18, 2013

We are 1/3 done with the Linear Strength Progression we started 4 weeks ago.  Sets of 8 are behind you and going forward our recurring strength actions will be performed in sets of 5 for the next 4 weeks.

We still want to pay attention to the descending (negative) portion of the action.  The strength gains made from controlling the downward aspect are considerable.  As we approach retest date, we will start to de-emphasize that to a degree, but for now we are still trying to acquire strength more than find a mark.

Your weight per rep will go up from roughly 80% of your 1 repetition maximum (1RM) to about 87-90% of 1 RM.  For example, on my squat 1RM of 345 my set of 8 was 275, my set of 5 projects to about 300-305.  Now, recall we were doing 4 sets of 8 so my actual heaviest set was about 255.  I’d say a good place to start sets of 5 would be about 10% than your heaviest set of 8, and evaluate thereafter.

Strength- Back Squat 4×5 for load

Strength 2- Wide Stance, Upright Sumo Deadlifts 3×5

Work (Please see 2-18-13)

7 Minute Amrap

1 Suicide Run

5 Squat Clean to Thruster 135/95

Competition Notes:

Several of you ran in the Lo Tide 5k.  With some of you PR and some of you running that far for the first time.  Well done.

Jade and Whitney and Albert all competed in CrossFit Wilmington’s 3rd Annual March Madness with Jade and Albert completing 3 workouts, Whitney completing 4.  Congrats to the winners Cody Lambert and Marcy Wells, the latter of which placed in the top 10 WORLDWIDE  (!!!)  in women 40-44 based on her 326 reps in 13.2.





  1. BS 5275=255, 265, 270, 265

    Weird Deadlift thing=225, 185, 185
    *I had a hard time keeping my back aligned and just using my legs. I dropped from 225 to 185 to maintain form.

    Work=28rxd up from 23rxd on 2-18-13

  2. BS 145, 155, 155, 155 = 3050
    Weird DL 155 all 3 sets
    WOD 17 reps @ 95

  3. Back squats to low depth 235,235,255,255 = 4900 lbs
    Dead lift 235,235,235. Back is hurting. Felt I only did the first 2 to3 with the right form the others I wouldn’t count. I should have dropped weight to keep form.
    WOD 16 total. I did 17 last go around! That sucks going backwards

    • Redeemed myself on the WOD. Finished with 18. One better than last February. Did 4×400 meeter run. 2×400 sprinted last quarters. 30 front back HD machine and 50 reg sit ups

  4. BS – 120, 130×4, 130×5, 120
    DL – 120

    • Me

  5. BS = 190x5x3 then 195×5 = 3,825
    Wide, upright SDL = 155×3, 135×5, 145×5
    WOD = 25 reps @ 65lbs (up from 17 reps a month ago)

  6. BS 120, 125, 130, 130.
    wod @ 65. 20. same as last month.

  7. BS 4000
    21 reps at 95

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