WOD for thursday 3-21-13

March 21, 2013

For completion

EMOM x10

Snatch from the high hang


Clean from the high hang

3×5 Overhead squat


400 m run  for time.  3 minute rest.



  1. That should read 3x 400 m run for time. 3 minutes between efforts

  2. Randy at 45 lbs in 5:20
    5:23 run

    • Previous Randy was last April in 11:15 at 40lbs. Glad I recorded my score here so I could check

  3. Snatches at 115
    Cleans at 155

    13.3 – 153 reps. I did so much better last year. I think that dropping the ball was a bad idea. I should have just done sets of 10 and not dropped it.

    • I dropped the ball too. I think that what made my lower back muscles fire hard. The pain was so intense I almost stopped. I will catch the whole time like Jeff did.

  4. 13.3 WOD. Total reps 120. My lower back muscles really tighten up to the point of stopping. I will redo this on Saturday. Need to rest my lower back muscles.

    • 13.3- I hate to agree with Larry (just kidding), but my back has been tight for about a week and it is horrible!!! I got 164 which is 76 reps less than last year. Sad day. I will NOT be trying it again. I am out of town this weekend so see tomorrow morning hopefully but def next week.

  5. Hey playas!!!

    I just got released from physical therapy. For the past 8 months I’ve been on severe restriction. I could not do pull-ups, lift any weight from the ground, put any weight overhead, could not do push-ups or burpees…so being released…to do it all, I did FRAN. I over tripled my time with a smashing score of 18:56. But I still did her.

    • James S?? is that really you! Back from the dead!

      • Scars to prove it 😉

      • A better response… “In Easter fashion”

      • I was gonna say its an Easter Miracle!

  6. Body is pretty beat up. Couldn’t even hold the bar on my back for squats without pain in my shoulder. Did PT, stretching & rolling.

    Run – 5:11

    • Jacqui, take two days off!

      • Yes, I know I need to. Sat & Sun will be my rest days. No tennis for a week too.

        Jade where did you go & what kind of massage did you get?

  7. My shoulder is still in super pain (it always is… nothing new) but I got a massage on Tuesday and she fucked me up in a good way… more range of motion right now! Yay!
    Snatch stuff- 85
    Clean stuff- 135
    OHS- 105
    Run- 4:48

  8. Holy Shit! James S??!?!? I thought you had polio or the mumps or Yellow Fever or some other disease largely eradicated in the civilized world (except for Greensboro) Nothing else is even registering….

    • I have a million snide anti Greensboro (and church) remarks for this. (No offense pjk).

      Gonna slowly get back into arm movements. Expect to see my face soon. Is it ok if I post in the meantime for when I am competent to actually do shit?

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