WOD for Friday 3-22-13

March 22, 2013

Strength– 4×5 Deadlift– As simple as it sounds, DONT GET HURT.  In a perfect world, start your sets at 10% heavier than your heaviest set of 8…BUT these CF games open workouts are messing with our strength continuity to some degree. SO, if your low back is trashed from Wednesday’s 13.2 please 1) opt for the sumo stance, which will keep your spine a little more upright and 2) treat this session as a deload week, work to about 80% or the same load as your sets of 8 and come back hard next time.

Work– Amrap in 20

10 Burpees

10 Toes to Bar

10 Kettlebell Snatches 16/12 (alternate arms)

Work 2- For Completion 2×15 GHD Back Extension (as time permits).  Only if low back feels ok.

video on the back extension HERE.




  1. See you guys Tuesday!

  2. Deadlift – 305lb at all sets. 6100 LB

    Work – Did the 400 meter sprints since I am doing the Spartan Race Sunday. Finished in 4:15 after removing the rest. Doing it solo slowed me down since I didn’t have anyone to push me.

  3. I might be the only one to think this BUT Abbey’s warm up is a small WOD. I didn’t know I could make my body do a couple of the stretches LOL
    went light on deadlift 215. re doing 13.3 On satuSaturday.
    WOD 248 REPS.

  4. Deload week for me whether I wanted it to be or not.

    DL: 135x5x4
    work: 130 – 1st round R&L snatch, rest L only – burpees were even painful in the last round 😦

  5. DL- 2600- 5×120, 5×130, 10×135
    Work- 191 reps, scaled t2b

  6. Deadlifts at 355x8x3, 360×8 7400 total.

  7. Deadlift 5800= 275, 285, 295, 305

    Work 159 reps in 10 mins

  8. DL 135x5x2 Back tight
    Work: 190

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