WOD for Thursday 3-28-13

March 28, 2013

Strength-  15 Minutes to establish a 3 rm weighted pullup.  Full extension, dead stop.

Technique- 15 Minutes to establish a 1 rm Snatch from the Hang.  Hip must pass lower than the knee at some point in the rep.

Work: (compare to 2-28-13)  EMOM 10 Minutes- 1 Hang Split Snatch Right, 1 Hang Split Snatch Left, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch. Record your heaviest successful completed cycle.



  1. did the 13.4 only 54 reps. I couldnt get my toes-to-bar cycle right which SLOWED me down a lot! also Brock and Jeff showed me where i could pick up more time by catching lower instead of high which takes a second to set up for the overhead. I will do over on Saturday

  2. 54 reps for me also. The Jerk part just felt heavy to me. I may or may not do it over.

  3. pullups 3rm: +5lbs

    Helen: 14:57 rx’d, but not PR (13:58 in Feb) – I think it does help to be “chasing” someone during this one to get a faster time!

  4. Pullups – +10. Missed the third at +12.5 but I think I could have gotten it if it wasn’t my 4th attempt
    Snatch -65
    Work – 5 @ 60, up from 50 last time

  5. Did 13.4 44 reps. Sorry to be a debbie downer, but I am really bummed. My hands are f’d, my shoulder is f’d. I am gonna rest, ice and take ibuprofen and hopefully I will be good in a couple days. I have to be in top shape for the GARAGE GAMES!!!!

  6. 3 band pu. 65×2 snatch cycle. brock was too nice and didn’t shame me into adding more weight as early as kathleen would have. thanks for the push…

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