WOD for Monday 4-1-13

April 1, 2013

In years past we’ve announced a 10k and Tricep Pressdowns on April Fools Day, but this year’s membership is too savvy to be fooled.  Besides which, we’ve got squats to do.

Strength-  4×5 backsquat for load

Supplemental Strength-  3×5 Lunges for load OR  3×5 Pistols

Work- Deck of Cards

Clubs- Burpees

Diamonds- Situps

Spades- Kettlebell Swings

Hearts- Jump Squats



  1. Backsquats: 205x5x4=4100, up 75 from last week
    Lunges: 95×1, 115×2
    I did not have time to do the work this morning. I have to be to work early all week. Boo.

  2. Back Squat for load
    250×5, 260×5, 275×5, 275×4 failed on 5 total 5025

  3. BS 5550= 270 280 280 280
    Up from 5400 last week

  4. First time in about 3 weeks doing the backsquats after the day my leg decided to hurt. Was still a little tender today which I don’t get but, is what is is.

    185×5 (all sets) – 3700

  5. Back squats: 150×5, 165×5, 175×5, 155×5 = 3225

    Had fun with deck of cards!

  6. BS – 2075 – 5×100, 105x5x3

  7. Joined in on Dawn’s version of strength program today, so 4125 total load (115x10x3; 135×5). Worked on Pistols.
    Deck of cards is always fun, may have been more fun with burpees! Great to be back.

  8. BS – 115lbs x 40 = 4600
    Love deck of cards!

  9. BS: 3150= 155/155/155/165
    Pistols… Fairly synchronized with badass Niki

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