WOD for Wednesday. Cautionary words about today.

April 3, 2013

So, a few of you left some knee skin on the astroturf today.  While I admire the drive to finish and the work ethic;  I also admire the discretion that lets you come back to train another day.      CrossFit is famous for it’s intensity and rightly so, but always the barometer of whether or not you should continue a given workout is “will this make my life better or worse”.  So, some soreness, maybe even significant soreness, is the price paid for increased strength/endurance, and having to walk carefully down the stairs for a few days is a worthwhile tradeoff against being in a nursing home at 70 instead of 90 or winning a local 5k, or being visibly overweight or whatever your reason for exercise may be.  If that cost/benefit ratio applies to injuries, cuts, astroturf burns etc, I cant presume to say for you.  Maybe you just wear slacks for a few weeks and call it no big deal.  BUT, if you are suffering some of the above for the sake of “being tough”  or because “this is the way we do it at CrossFit”, lets put an end to that line of thinking.    Please just ask yourself, 1) what does suffering through this add to my life and then 2) is that worth the pain I’m in, worth the physical compromises I’ll have to make (like walking down stairs), worth the risk of injury (in any of it’s forms).

Lastly, if someone asks about your injuries, please dont say anything like “My CrossFit Trainer made me do it”  or if you do, say you go to some other CrossFit Affiliate  shortly thereafter.

WOD for Wednesday


CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.4

Max reps in minutes of ascending 3’s

Clean and Jerk (floor to overhead)

Toes to bar

rest 1 Minute then


Run 800 m for time.



  1. My knees are pretty ugly, and pretty sore, but to me it was worth it to say I finished that bitch! The skin will return and its definite motivation to be able to do bear crawls on my feet!

    • Mary Jo , that push was bad ass !!! I know your knees were shit but unreal awesome to finish it.

      • Thanks Rick! You guys encouraging me at the end was awesome!

  2. Mary Jo, if that’s the case, then you made the right choice. Well done!

  3. Did my own deck of cards (with Albert’s help) since I missed the other day!
    Double Unders
    KB swings
    No Jokers!!

    Let’s WOD- Deck of Cards app is free and awesome!!!

  4. Today was a rest day. I came in and made sweet magic with a foam roller and lacrosse ball. Other than that i just helped out and called out lots of “10 push-ups Jade” and showed off my Ruck sack for the crazy shit we signed up for.

  5. Today’s workout A fell under the category of “I need the use of my shoulders, therefore I must do it at a lower weight”. Limping around for a couple days or when it hurts to sneeze are totally worth it & feel good in a weird way. Shoulders are a different story for me – just not worth the pain.

    13.4 – 50 @ 65lbs
    800m – 4:10

  6. 13.4 for the 3rd time. Everybody does these workouts 3 times right?
    65 reps today. 4 reps shy of my best.
    800m run=3:31
    My quads felt like they were going to explode after the run. I’m pretty sure I rolled around the floor for 10minutes.

  7. I passed on doing 13.4 For the 3rdred time. I scored for Aaron J then ran the 800 meeter meete twice for time.100 single jumps and 50 sit ups

  8. It is so good to be back after a long vacation!! 38 reps RX’d; 800m run = 6 something. I’ll have to look at the board tomorrow to confirm. Candace came today and made the run much more fun that it would have been on my own.

    • Oops…I was only RX’d on the clean and jerk. I had to scale the T2B.

      • I can’t believe I missed Candace. I went to hot yoga tonight in an attempt to stretch out my quads…

  9. 13.4- 54@60lbs…got my 1st toes2bar…only about 5…then knees up

    800m- 4:48

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