Wod for Thursday 4-4-13

April 4, 2013

Technique/Strength-  Standing Barbell Shrug-  2x5clean grip, fast tempo.  2×5 clean grip, slow tempo.  2×5 Snatch Grip, fast tempo.  2×5 snatch grip, slow tempo


Work-  2 minutes on/1 minute off.  Max reps of the following actions:

Hang Power Snatch

5 m Shuttle

Double Unders

Reverse Burpees

x2 rounds



  1. Did 13.5 today like a chump. I knew I was to sore and tired to do it but, I had no other time to get it this week/weekend. I only got 39 reps but, it was better than just posting the goose egg I considered since I spent the first 15 minutes on the phone with work this morning when I walked into the gym. 🙂

    Glad the games are over and looking forward to taking next week completely off for rest and recovery.

  2. WOD
    Shuttle Run . 50 55 = 105
    Reverse B . 33 23 = 56
    H.snatch . 40 36 = 76
    DU 24 43 = 67

  3. work in order (didn’t write down, but pretty sure of scores):
    shuttle – 97
    reverse burpees – somewhere in the 50s
    hang clean @65lbs (started with 80 & it hurt) – 24?
    DU – 124

  4. Reverse burpees 57=27+30
    DU 245=140+105
    Hang Power Snatch 79=43+36
    Shuttle Run 110=54+56

  5. Hang power snatch- 73
    Du- 120
    Reverse burpees- 53
    Shuttle run- 91

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