Bonus Open Gym 12 to 2 Sunday. Strength and partial programming for the week.

April 7, 2013

Sunday-  Open Gym 12-2.

This is the final week of 4×5 on the recurring strength movments.  Next week starts final phase of the cycle at 3×3.

Monday- Strength- Back Squat 4×5 for load.  Strength 2- 3×3 Hang Squat Clean. Work- To be determined.

Tuesday- Strength 1- Shoulder press 4×5.  Fractional Plates are in.  Increments of .25/.5.75 and 1.0 Lbs.  Strength 2- 4×5 Lying Triceps Extension 3-1-3-1 tempo  

Wednesday- CF Games Open WOD 13.5– Amrap in 4 minutes of thrusters 100/70, Chest To Bar Pullups.  If the athlete clears 90 reps in 4 minutes, he or she is awarded an additional 4 minutes to acquire more reps.  

Thursday- Olympic lifting TBD

Friday-  Deadlift 4×5 For Load.  Work- emom x 7 – 7 deadlifts at 275/185



  1. *like*

  2. I missed the last two weeks of BS so wondering if I lost any strength. Can’t wait to try the fractional plates for SP day!

  3. Did 13.5
    54 reps. Not that I could have gotten more but I did take it easy on the pull-ups because of my shoulder. Only one no-rep.

  4. Last week:
    205x5x4 = 4100
    This week:
    195x5x2 = 3615
    Down 485, pretty bummed


      • Ha! Very funny Brock. Yes Jade, I admit, I was all talk yesterday when I beat your scores (3850 BS), but I know you were just having an off day and you will be back to your badass self next Monday.

  5. 4×5 back squats for load. 275X5, 265×5, 265×5, 265×5 = 5350 up from 5050.
    WOD 24:50 just finished under 25 min cap

  6. BS 5600 up from 5550
    275, 285, 285, 275
    Good news: my 1 rep squat was 285 when we started.
    Bad news: I tweaked my back a little and therefore sat out on the barrage of torture otherwise called the “work” portion.

  7. BS- 2125- 5×100, 5×105, 5x110x2

    Work- 127 scaled, finished 26:00

  8. BS – 155 x 5, 175 x 5, 165 x 5, 160 x 5 = 3275

    work – 20:33 scaled kb thrusters & ring push ups
    last time was 18:51 scaling the same actions, but this time rope hoist, tire flips & deadlifts were all more weight

  9. Squat at 5800 (295, 300, 280, 285 all x5). Jacqui You’re right. I forgot the tire was heavier as well.

  10. 4×5 SP 165×5, 155×5, 155×5, 145×5 = 3100 up from 3000. Max SP 165 prior. Did it 5 times today!!
    WOD 12:57

  11. BS = 3850 (195x5x2, 190x5x2)
    Work = 110 reps everything was RX’d except for the stupid wallballs. I managed not to drop the ball, but I could not get it over the line. My best attempts were on the line or slightly below. Thrusters were tough, but I decided I had to go heavy since I wasn’t moving very fast.

    • P.S. I felt like throwing up for a good hour after this workout!!

  12. SP = 1457.5; I missed the last two weeks, but was still able to get more total lbs. than previous time thanks to the new fractional weights.

    Work = 2 complete rounds + 400m run + 13 situps at the 15 minute cap. My 2nd 400m run was the slowest.

  13. SP- 955—5×50, 5×48, 5×47, 5×46

    Work- 11:59

  14. Did the run/situp today (Wed) – 10:07

    Not going to do any overhead strength this week. With 4 tennis matches + a practice this week & last night’s match lasting almost 2 1/2 hrs, my shoulders are going to be shot by Monday.

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