WOD for Thursday 4-11-13

April 11, 2013
EMOM for 16 min:
Odd- 3 tough hang power snatch
Even- 30 double unders
5 Minutes rest
EMOM for 16 min:
Odd- 3 Tough Power Cleans
Even-5 Burpees


  1. Loved this today!! It’s been a great week!!

    • Thanks very much. Good to see you post.

  2. Good workouts! I liked it. 60lb snatch/20 du give or take. 95 cleans

    • Kate 95 lbs cleans!! Bad ASS!!!!

      • Totally.

  3. snatch 115 DU 1st 3 rounds was able to get 30, after that it got UGLY
    Hang clean 155 RX
    great workout!

  4. Back is still tight but getting better.

    snatch 95 for 4 rounds and 105 for 4 rounds. Successfully completed all double unders in the time allotted.

    Cleans 4rds at 135, 3 rds at 155, 1 rd at 165
    Yay burpees!

  5. Power clean @ 95lbs / 30 DUs – was able to string together 30 unbroken DUs for 2 rounds & 28 unbroken for 2 rounds. Got 30 each round in the minute. Felt good!

    skipped the 2nd part – tennis match this afternoon

    • Nice Progress Jacqui. Double unders are now a non-issue.

      • Now I just need to make everything else a non-issue! Ha!!

  6. Snatch @ 62.5 (avg.) / 20 DUs give or take a few on the last 3 rounds

    Cleans at 90 / Burpees

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